Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

8 Stunning Hotels from Eugene Levy’s ‘The Reluctant Traveler’

For a guy who ran a fictional motel on Schitt’s Creek, actor Eugene Levy sure doesn’t like to travel. Which is why his hilarious neuroses make for a great premise on the new Apple TV+ docuseries The Reluctant Traveler. Still, Levy has visited some pretty extraordinary properties for the show, including a treehouse in Finland, a tented camp in Costa Rica and a private paradise in the Maldives. After seeing these 8 stunning hotels from Levy’s The Reluctant Traveler, you’ll wonder what he was so hesitant about in the first place.

The Rise of Alto, A High-End Uber Alternative

Frustrated with Uber but don’t want to spring for a private driver? Alto, a rideshare company that launched in 2018, has thrived over the past few years by focusing on the highest end of the market. Unlike Uber and Lyft, Alto has a fleet of 500 white Buick Enclaves and employs a team of some 2,000 professionally trained drivers. Currently available in Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Washington, D.C., Alto recently expanded its service in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The World’s Happiest Country Launches A Happiness Masterclass

When it comes to the annual World Happiness rankings, Finland is something of a dynasty—a five-time winner, the Finns are perennially ranked among the happiest people on earth. Now they’re ready to spread the joy. Finland recently announced a “Find Your Inner Finn” masterclass contest (running through April 2) in which 10 lucky winners will travel to Finland’s Lakeland region for four days in June, where they’ll stay in private villas (with a sauna, of course) and take classes with expert coaches on subjects ranging from food and health to design and nature.


Whether you travel once a week, once a month or once a year, delays happen. The question is, how do you deal with it? And how can you prepare contingency plans before the big board tells you that flight won’t be taking off for 3 hours? Here are some of the smartest things you can do to cope with flight delays.

Emirates Ups Its Champagne Service

Emirates Airlines was already known for its lavish service—including a chauffeur that takes passengers to and from the airport—and now the carrier is raising its Champagne game with a “taste of the stars” program. Dom Pérignon is now served in First Class on all global routes (including the opportunity to taste some rare vintages), Veuve Clicquot is served in Business Class on routes to the Americas, the U.K., and Europe, and Moët & Chandon is served in Business Class on routes to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Beats a ginger ale.

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