Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

The athleisure lifestyle brand Alo Yoga headquarters in Los Angeles, California has been abuzz lately. Apart from new style drops that are impossible not to add to cart, the brand has also been making its way into Web3. On June 22, it was made public that patrons and customers of the brand could now make their purchases using cryptocurrency. The team clarified that option to use more conventional payment modes like credit card or PayPal remain available. Employees of the brand were also given the option to receive full or partial paychecks in a crypto currency of their choice. Angelic Vendette, VP of Marketing at Alo Yoga explains, “We are always looking to engage our consumers in new ways, and our move into Web3 is mainly because we want to remain ahead of the curve.”

Earlier this year, Alo also entered the Metaverse with the building of its Alo Sanctuary in partnership with Roblox. Within this space, yoga, meditation, and breathwork were brought into the Web3 experience.“Usually within the tech world and the metaverse, you are consistently activated and plugged in. However, we want our community to view the tech or Web3 in a different way. We want you to unplug, lean into your mindfulness and take time for yourself,” details Vendette. She also reports that since launching, the Alo Sanctuary has welcomed over 40 million users. The marketing lead adds, “And we heard from the community that they are craving for more.”

Despite the fluctuations and doubts surrounding cryptocurrency, Alo Yoga remains confident about its latest venture. Vendetta relates, “Although we are in a bear market at the moment, it will inevitably bounce back, just like the stock market. We see this as an opportunity to help educate and onboard our community further, so that they can in turn build their crypto knowledge and prepare for the future.” As of this writing, the Economic Times reports that: “Cryoto market was holding its gains from the previous day on Friday. Bitcoin held about the $23,000 mark… Fed indicated that it would continue rate hikes to control the bewildering inflation amid the recession buzz.”

Alo’s latest endeavors make the brand the first in the active lifestyle category to enter the blockchain and Web3. Vendette ends, “We will always be a digital-first brand and a wellness brand. Our goal is to show that the digital world can be more relaxed and mindful that one may view it.”

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