Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Marijuana-infused beverage maker Cann released its 2022 holiday campaign on Thursday, teaming up with cannabis tech brand Jane to create a short film featuring an inclusive cast as a family whose holiday festivities go awry with the influence of traditional holiday libations.

The ad campaign highlights the increasing popularity of cannabis during the holiday season, particularly pot-infused beverages. According to cannabis industry data firm Headset, the market share of cannabis beverages has increased nearly 40% since the beginning of last year, with sales of weed drinks spiking during the holiday season.

Campaign Features New Short Film

In a short film produced for the holiday campaign, the heroine Jane, played by Mickey Sumner, struggles through a chaotic and uncomfortable holiday dinner where alcohol has overtaken the celebration. The overserved guests, including Meg Stalter, Benito Skinner and Bre-Z, become irate and restless as alcohol and overdrinking rob the festivities of holiday cheer. With the help of the Fairy God Cann, played by Raja, and a new cannabis shopping app, Jane’s holiday changes trajectory with the real holiday miracle of cannabis in a can, delivered directly to the party. At that point, the gathering becomes joyful and carefree as the family enjoys Cann’s signature microdosed, cannabis-infused high together.

Cann co-founder Luke Anderson says that the new campaign illustrates the company’s commitment to inclusive depictions of cannabis and the brand.

“Casting a majority queer and BIPOC campaign that isn’t being released during pride season signals the Cann brand’s evolution beyond typical intersectional queer normalization narratives, and a reinforcement that true diversity and inclusion involves having a seat at every table — at all times during the year,” Anderson said in a statement from Cann. “Especially these tense family gathering tables where LGBTQ+ people have been told time and time again that they don’t belong as they are.”

The film was written and directed by Lake Bell, who is known for directing, writing and starring in the award-winning comedy In a World, with additional directing credits for Pam & Tommy and acting credits in Harley Quinn and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The film was produced by the famed music video production company London Alley, which has produced and directed video projects for Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande and other pop artists.

Last year, the Cann holiday campaign featured Kate Hudson and Baron Davis getting high for the holidays by drinking Cann-berry and King St. Vodka cocktails while getting ready for the season’s festivities. The holiday campaign illustrated how people can get into the holiday spirit without any of the traditional, toxic holiday “spirits.”

Cann Holiday Campaign A Collaboration With Jane

The new holiday ad campaign was produced in collaboration with cannabis technology company Jane, where consumers can shop for products from Cann and other cannabis companies for local pickup or home delivery. In October, Jane released a new marijuana shopping app, giving consumers new options to shop for legal cannabis and discover products based on local inventory, verified reviews, effects, and personalized recommendations. The Jane: Find Cannabis Products app is available for free download on the Apple App Store after launching on October 17.

“Jane was created in the spirit of connecting people to the plant. All people,” Jane CEO and co-founder Socrates Rosenfeld said about the collaboration with Cann. “By providing a digital platform where different types of dispensaries and brands can connect directly to their consumers, not only are we creating a safe and convenient shopping experience – but we’re also creating a diverse and equitable cannabis ecosystem where all stakeholders can succeed. We are honored to help empower innovative brands like Cann to amplify their important message and introduce millions of new consumers to cannabis.”

Cann Social Tonics are available for pick up or delivery at local dispensaries through Jane’s cannabis shopping app or directly from Cann. Each Cann contains 2mg THC and 4mg CBD for the perfect, sociable holiday buzz. Cann is also available for purchase online for delivery to Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

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