Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Valentino is redesigning the retail experience in a concept that launched with their Madrid store in June. For a while now, the Italian Maison has sought to maximize the human experience that its customers have when shopping in stores and online. The goal is for people is to experience Italian hospitality. Being a Roman house, the Romans are known for their warmth, and this new concept experience is to invite people into this Roman way of being.

The Maison is doing this by putting their clients’ needs and comfort at the center, using a Couture approach at all levels. Trying this at their Plaza de Canalejas Madrid location, their Campo San Moisé Venice location, and their Al Khayyat Center Jeddah location that opened last month, the Maison has seen success. Clients will find external facades done in ceramic and inspired by the front door of the Roman Palazzos, and the indoors inspired by the fabric used to make sartorial corsets.

The internal design aspects continue with 1930s Art Deco mixed with a 1970s contemporary style furniture that has created a more intimate retail experience. Camaleonda sofas by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia in custom made jewel tones, as well as graphic rugs by Golran adorn the stores where this concept has taken shape.

A cream color palette incorporated with hints of green, yellow onyx, botticino marble, and Sahara Noir chevron brings contrasting yet inviting moods. The Golran carpets that are handmade, the Analogia project lighting, and the ceramic door handles made by Italian artisan Massimiliano Pipolo add a unique touch too. Alexandre Logé created the chandeliers, which are comprised of sculpted plaster, white objects with extending branches hanging from the space around it. And, Fabio Cinti created brass geometric compositions.

The Maison is doing a slow redesign of various locations around the globe starting this month, with even more plans of things to come in 2023. “Each store becomes a new home for the brand and an intimate place to welcome its clients, placing human connections at the heart of Valentino, celebrating the Maison’s iconic codes and its Italian heritage,” states the Maison in notes.

Keeping locations in mind, it’s important for Valentino aesthetically design based on the territory the store is located in. Prêt-à-porter menswear and womenswear collections and Valentino Garavani accessories are discreetly arranged in an unexpected way. And keeping their clients’ needs in mind, this new concept extends to there being special areas for private appointments, giving a nod to intimacy and exclusivity.

Next year will see this new design concept extend to locations in Geneva, Florence, Paris, Shanghai, and New York City.

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