Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Overcoming challenges caused by pro-democracy protests and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Palace Museum opens to the public today, three years after construction began.

The museum is one of several new museums worldwide that opened or are scheduled to open this year.

More than 900 items — most on loan from a like-named museum in Beijing — will be on display at the Palace Museum. Located on the waterfront in the West Kowloon Cultural District, the museum will enable visitors to “explore Chinese art and culture through a new lens,” according to the museum’s website.

In Norway, the largest art museum in the Nordic countries — containing more than 400,000 objects — opened last month in Oslo. The National Museum says visitors can “experience older and modern art, contemporary art, architecture and design under one roof and in completely new ways.

In Egypt, the Grand Egyptian Museum is scheduled to open in November adjacent to the Pyramids outside Cairo. The museum, housing more than 100,000 objects, will be the largest archaeological museum complex in the world, according to John Navarre, the editor of For the first time, King Tut’s entire treasure collection will be on display, as well as pre-historic artifacts.

On Nov. 15 in New York, the Museum of Broadway is scheduled to open in Times Square.

“Think of the Museum of Broadway as an immersive, experiential way to tell Broadway’s story using art and technology,” the museum’s website says. “We’ve brought together a team of internationally renowned artists, designers & historians — both from Broadway & the experiential world — to design the museum. It will be educational but told in a fun, accessible, brightly colored way.”

In May, the Bob Dylan Center with more than 100,000 items opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The items include essays, poems, liner notes, correspondence, philosophical musings and photos.

The International African American Museum, which had been scheduled to open this year in Charleston, South Carolina, has announced a Jan, 21, 2023, opening date. The museum’s African Ancestors Memorial Garden is located “where so many captive Africans first set foot in America,” the museum’s website says.

Exhibitions inside “will share untold stories using classic techniques, as well as new approaches driven by innovation, technology and digital interactivity,” the website says. “Themes will include connections across the African diaspora, the spread of African American culture and influence and the movements for justice and equality.”

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