Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

As numerous breweries in Colorado and throughout the country concentrate on brewing IPAs to satiate hops-mad consumers, Denver’s Seedstock Brewing Company has gone retro.

“We are well-known for being lager focused which is a lot different from the IPA-predominant breweries in the area,” says Seedstock brewer Adam McIlvenna. “We do love our IPAs but want to be known for our traditional styles. We have expanded our brewing options but plan to stay focused on German, Czech and other European styles.”

McIlvenna and his parents, Jerry and Kathy McIlvenna, bought the brewery last September from their friends — original owners Ron and Jason Abbott, who opened the brewery on one of Denver’s main drags, West Colfax Avenue, in 2016.

Under the Abbotts’ direction, Seedstock’s website proclaimed: “Just because it ain’t cloudy doesn’t mean it isn’t craft.” The website said the brewery’s choice is pilsner if stranded on a deserted island with only one beer choice, and, in pilsner’s honor, the brewery created a mythical group called the International Pilsner Association.

Those words are no longer on the Seedstock website, but the McIlvennas are staying true to the sentiments.

“I love the drinkability of pilsner beer,” Adam McIlvenna says. “Its balance of hop and malt makes this so-called light style very flavorful. Just because it’s light and low in ABV does not mean it’s flavorless. Our Czech-style pilsner uses Czech Saaz hops and Bohemian pilsner malt to make for an amazing well-balanced beer.”

Back-to-basics is still the guiding principle of the brewery. That’s apparent looking at the majority of the 14 beers currently on the brewery’s tap list: Czech Pilsner, Irish Stout, Bohemian Ale, Munich Helles, No Coast IPA, Mexican Lager, Dusseldorf Alt, Irish Red, Premium Czech Lager, Schwarzbier, Lights Out Mocha Stout, Bohemian Dunkel, Berliner Weisse and Old Ale.

‘We want to make beer-flavored beer using traditional brewing,” McIlvenna says. “I do love the wide amount of innovation in the beer world, but we plan to stay mostly focused on traditional brews.”

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