Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Tens of thousands—no, make that hundreds of thousands—of tourists, home-grown New Yorkers, suburbanites and the wide-eyed have returned to Times Square on a daily basis.

And now, an even more compelling reason to visit this world-renowned district: celebrating Pride Month.

Going through Times Square in June is going to be especially gratifying on the weekend of June 24-26, with a series of free events—including a music festival.

Perhaps the most famous image of Times Square is the celebration that followed the end of World War II. Now, there is a 2022 image: celebrating the demise of Covid-19 combined with an appreciation of, and collaboration with, the LGBTQIA community.

Perhaps the most enthusiastic booster of Times Square is, not surprisingly, a fellow named Tom Harris.

He is the president of the Times Square Alliance, and says of the party atmosphere: “Having just welcomed over 400,000 people in one day for the first time since the pandemic, the Times Square Alliance is excited to partner with Playbill to deliver a weekend of exciting

and inclusive events to celebrate Pride and invite even more to Times Square.”

And here are some the events you’re going to see (but don’t be surprised if you’re joined by a throng of other happy folks):

*Pride 365: Live: This is going to be on the mainstage overlooking Times Square, bringing together community organizations, Broadway and Off Broadway performers. Surprise guests are expected. There will be talks as well as music and dance. It’s happening on Friday, June 24, and Saturday, the 25th.

*The Big Broadway Disco: This is going to be memorable: a large-scale street party that invites revelers to dance through Times Square to classic and contemporary Broadway songs and performances. Get ready. It starts at 6 P.M. on Saturday, June 25.

*Playbill Pride Piano Bar: Piano—in the heart of Times Square! You’re invited to take photos with the one-of-a-kind piano festooned with Playbill covers. Stay for piano sing-along performances and piano concerts throughout the morning and afternoon, led by top-Broadway musicians and performers.

*Interactive Pride Installations: Remember seeing grainy, black-and-white movies of those old double-decker buses? Well, they’re back, and right where they belong. These classic vehicles will have inter-active events to explore on Friday, June 24, and Saturday, June 25. And then on Sunday, they will join in the New York City Pride March down 5th Avenue.

*The Broadway Grand Gallery: Pride Edition: Eleven giant Playbill Monoliths, featuring 20 Broadway and off-Broadway productions, will hover over Broadway, from 47th to 48th Streets, until June 15. These are great sites for picture-taking, and the photo-ops include Aladdin, The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, The Lion King, and The Phantom of the Opera!

*Deals and Discounts! The Times Square Alliance is celebrating the best of the neighborhood’s Pride discounts, deals, giveaways, and special menu items from local businesses all month long. Browse special offers from Times Square restaurants, shops, shows, and attractions that celebrate and support the most colorful month of the year.

All in all, it promises to be one of the most significant days in Times Square—not to mention New York City’s—history. A combination of joy, pride, seriousness and excitement. With a million things to choose from.

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