Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Here in drought-ridden Southern California, water is at a premium. We’re not really allowed to waste this precious resource by washing cars or running through the sprinklers. And inside the home, a huge waste of water occurs in that first minute you turn on the shower and wait for the water to heat up. Which is why a new smart showerhead makes complete sense.

The Oasense Reva attaches to your shower pipe arm like any other standard-sized showerhead – you just screw it on and then tighten it slightly with the included mini flat wrench. And that’s it. Should ultimately take about a minute. It has a built-in sensor that detects when no one is standing underneath it. So when you first turn on the water while you’re standing outside the actual shower as most people do, it recognizes the lack of a body underneath and purges the cold water that initially comes out. There are no special buttons to press or anything – it automatically does the work. Once the water is heated to your desired temperature, the water flow comes out at just 15 percent of its normal rate. And then you step in. It will instantly recognize you there and the water will instantly start flowing at its normal rate. If you step away to lather up, or stick your head out of the shower to yell at the kids, the flow rate reduces again until you’re back underneath. Pretty smart.

I ordered one to try, but ultimately never even pulled it from the plastic. Oh, sure it looks amazing. And in theory, it will save a lot of water and even some money. But when I picked it up from the box, I realized it was big and heavy – as in a 6.6-inch diameter and 2.43 pounds. We have fragile plumbing in our home. The shower I wanted to put it in has very little room from the end of the arm to the wall. In fact, I measured it and the edge of this showerhead may well have been resting against the wall – meaning I wouldn’t be able to adjust its angle downward. That it was so heavy was also potentially troubling to me, as I didn’t want it stressing the arm. It likely would have made the arm sag, and that’s not something I wanted to chance. I told the company execs my concerns, and they promised me that the next iteration will be significantly lighter in weight. Thus, I will wait patiently for that version.

But on the plus side for those of you with solid plumbing, this showerhead seems very well-made. It has a built-in hydro turbine that harnesses its power from your running water. The company advises not to leave it unused for more than six months, as it can abbreviate the longevity of the built-in battery. Also, you need water pressure of at least 50 psi and a 4 gpm flow rate coming out of the shower arm, to ensure optimum function. And to clean it, just use a soft cloth to maintain the polished chrome metal casing. I also love that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it product that just works without any additional work on the user’s part.

I’m genuinely bummed I couldn’t try it. But this seems like a super clever approach to preserving water – and lowering your water bills.

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