Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The Holidays are right around the corner and stress levels can get higher than usual, in order to get all things going and done till the year-end. Here are this season’s essentials, that are not only sustainable, but will also support your well-being inside-out, through this winter season, and beyond.


From plant to science to skin, and soul: With the N°1 DE CHANEL line, the House of CHANEL takes a holistic approach to beauty, paving the way for a new generation of anti-aging products that are effective and eco-responsible inside-out (with even the packaging made from the plant’s seeds waste). A wellness and beauty line that seeks to minimize its environmental impact with formulas, which contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and 76% camellia-derived ingredients.

It benefits from the latest scientific advances in the different CHANEL Research realms of expertise: camellia science, the field of skin senescence, and the art of formulation: Taking “you reap what you sow” literally, N°1 DE CHANEL products of this new conscious luxury line not only nourish and beautify your body and face, but also your soul.

Made from Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower, the red camellia, a flower unlike any other, which only blooms in the winter months, is the key ingredient in N°1 DE CHANEL. A flower with revitalizing powers, whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth. At the core of the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line, red camellia extract targets stage N°1 of the skin aging process, working to prevent and correct the appearance of the signs of aging – and make it resistant, shine, look fresh and revitalized – just as its source: the red camellia.

Blue Lagoon Iceland: Mineral Bath Salts

Rich in Blue Lagoon Mineral Salts obtained from geothermal, bioactive Blue Lagoon Seawater, the renowned crystals dissolve in bath water to revitalize and balance skin. This soothing at-home bathing helps relieve skin conditions often associated with dry and sensitive skin. Mineral Bath Salt is recommended by the well-established Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic in Iceland to help soothe dry, sensitive, and irritated skin, and prevent recurrence of psoriasis symptoms.

These salts are obtained from geothermal Blue Lagoon Seawater, known for its unique composition of essential minerals. The pure mineral crystals can vary in size depending on the product, from fine-grain powder to refined crystals. Used in skincare formulations to soothe and revitalize skin, or for its exfoliating properties. Harvested from a sustainable geothermal source at the Blue Lagoon R&D Center in Iceland for over two decades. Salts from a one-of-a-kind source, and suitable for all skin types.

La Masque Switzerland Moisturizing & Repairing Foot Mask:

The hardest working part of your body are your feet. These sock masks stem from a breakthrough discovery from scientists, who created a Softening Technology sock mask, that is double layered for intensive results. The inner layer is drenched in active moisturizing and repairing serum, while the protective outer layer activates the thermal action, enabling the active serum to penetrate deeply into your feet for exceptional softening and replenishing results.

A mix of 10 antioxidant-rich Botanicals boosts blood flow and circulation for refreshed, younger-feeling feet. Versatile sage acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps regulate sweat and odor while our unique Elastic 4 complex with apple mint, mango peel, Vitamin E and marshmallow root deeply rebalances and repairs world-weary feet. After just 20 minutes, expect softener, beautified feet with a spring in their step.

My Inner Health Club: A Streaming Service for Wellbeing

My Inner Health Club is a Berlin-based digital streaming platform to improve your holistic health, founded by the German Podcaster, Kundalini Teacher and Consultant Ann-Kathrin Grebner and her friend, Brand Partnership Manager and mother, Yasmin Poloczek. A so called “Netflix for Mindfulness”. Your modern day health companion.

It focuses on concerns such as stress, digestive disorders, weak immune system and low energy amongst others. Their approach is to focus on preserving health, not fighting disease. “Instead of curing individual symptoms, we take a holistic approach by looking at the human body as one whole interconnected system.” the female founders say.

My Inner Health Club offers audio and video classes based on the four pillars of holistic health in order to combat lifestyle diseases. In-depth knowledge from leading health experts is translated into digestible content pieces – some less than 2 min – that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

PANGAIA: Activewear 3.0 Women’s Leggings

These Women’s Leggings fit, and feel like a second skin on our body, whether its for a gentle yoga practice or for your coffee run or a comfy day at home. They are made from bio-based EVO® Nylon sourced from castor beans – not fossil fuels; and innovative, first-to-market part plant-based elastane for added stretch.

They are treated with natural peppermint oil (PPRMINT™) for its anti-odor properties. All trims, labels and threads are either recycled or responsibly sourced. Product packaging is part bio-based, acting to preserve both your new garment and environment. The most sustainable, and at the same time: sexy leggins you can find on the market right now

Never Go Alone: Vegan Wax Candle

The Edition 01 candle is designed to create a calming, soothing atmosphere for you and your home. Its tactile glass casing mimics the feel of sandstone, associated with grounding, whilst the orange glow emitted once lit encourages our minds to wind down and associate with positive thoughts, improving our ability to wind down and relax after a day spent in front of blue screens. Color therapy combined with a transcending scent experience aimed to engage the senses.

“Studies have shown the positive effects which aromatherapy can have on improving depression as well as pain, anxiety and overall mood. The notes of cardamom and sandalwood in this candle are specifically chosen for their abilities to calm and soothe. Sandalwood has been shown to significantly improve fatigue, calm the mind and act as a mood enhancer. Cardamon is one of the most ancient spices, known for its healing properties and potential anti-microbial and anti-viral actions.” says the female founder Nga Nguyen. “Never Go Alone has created a collection of daily essentials that empower us to live responsibly as we navigate through times of unprecedented change. The inaugural collection takes inspiration from sandstone and the way it is able to harness strength, adapt, and overcome challenges.” she says.

Created over centuries by the merging of individual sand particles and minerals sculpted by forces of nature, sandstone formations are one of the most unique natural structures on earth. Like sandstone, humans are strong yet fragile. Every interaction we experience has the potential to shape and impact us.

Rossano Ferretti Parma: Regenerating Hair Treatment

One of the most sought after hair stylist’s (or should we call him artist?) in the world: the Italian born, Monaco-based Rossano Ferretti. Known for his holistic salons at the world’s best luxury hotels, and his famous hair cut technique, Ferretti also has another passion: holistic wellness. He wants his clients to be as happy, pretty, and healthy as possible, so he created his own vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens and sustainable hair care line.

This season, there is no better treatment than this intense pre-wash mask which helps repair the driest, most damaged or over-processed hair, working to leave it ultra-soft, silky, healthy & strong in as little as one use. Over 95% naturally derived ingredients like Shea butter, Olive & Keratin proteins help replenish, renew & regenerate for healthy hair & scalp.

AMAN: Sva Supplement

In ancient Chinese remedies, the Liver plays an important role in regulating our emotions. Nourishing the Liver helps balance the flow of energy through the body, helping maintain a relaxed mind.

Created with high quality all-natural ingredients, Sva – meaning ‘a world of ones’ own’ in Sanskrit – combines traditional herbal medicine techniques with contemporary science and nutrition, responding directly to those seeking the luxurious Aman Hotel’s on-property remedies from the comfort of their own home.

Building upon ancient wellness system of plant-based remedies used for thousands of years, the six classic formulas and one specialist formula developed by master practitioner Dr Ning Ma (NYC), view the body and mind as an integrated whole, focussing on the five elemental organs. Both natural and sustainable, Sva formulas can help to achieve optimum health in relation to a clear state of mind with each product gluten-free, plant based and most importantly, easily integrated into everyday life.

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