Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

I recently got back from vacation. And while on the road, I took extra charging bricks for my cell phone and tablet. And honestly, it was a pain because they require different connectors – my phone a lightning cable and my tablet a micro USB. As a result, my backpack got tangled with cords and power bricks.

Which is why I’ve been super excited to try the ChargeCard from AquaVault the past week. The size and thickness (.18”) of a credit card, it’s a charger for multiple devices – including iPhones, Android phones, tablets, headphones, earbuds, and more. But it fits in your wallet, in a credit card slot if you want. And its clever, sleek design – which allows the included charging cord to fit snugly into the outline of the card – means you’ll not really even notice it at all. Even if you don’t feel comfortable keeping it in a wallet that you might sit down on, it easily slips into any pocket.

It can probably fully charge my device, but I haven’t tested it to the max yet. A company spokesman says that it really depends on the battery size of the phone, but that most phones will get anywhere between a 40 and 100 percent charge. That said, I was able to charge an iPhone from roughly 50 percent to completely full in a matter of about an hour. It works faster than you might expect. For me, carrying a card like this is a no-brainer. That’s because I play a lot of golf. Out on the course, there’s usually no place to plug in a phone unless the cart happens to be equipped with a USB port. But because I prefer walking, I rarely take a cart. Plus I like using an app on my phone to get GPS yardage, which drains the battery – as do weak cell phone signals out in the wilderness, on many courses. So having portable storage like this is absolutely key. Speaking of outdoors, I can see campers really benefiting from this, too. The convenience of being able to pull it out and get a quick significant charge is what has attracted most buyers thus far, according to the company.

And the card of course comes with its own charging cable that you use back at home to replenish the card. Juicing its battery takes probably two hours. It has a 2300mAh capacity and weighs seriously next to nothing. Plus it comes with a small pouch that holds the card, its power cable, and charging cables with lightning for Apple phones, USB-C for Android phones, and micro USB connectors for other devices.

At $60, it makes a great stocking stuffer. In fact, I can easily see someone carrying around several of these in a wallet or purse – if they carry several devices at a time.

I will definitely bring the ChargeCard with me on my next trip, because it’s so compact, won’t complicate matters with tangled cords, and is easy to use. And I think it will be a perfect asset in my armor for when I attend a trade show next month. At those types of conventions, I tend to run down battery life quickly every day. So with the ChargeCard, I’ll never have to worry about finding a wall plug mid-day or lugging around a larger and heavier portable charger.

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