Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

The importance of a good bedtime routine shouldn’t be underestimated. While there’s no shortage of wellness products promising to improve your self-care and sleep, not every product out there is actually going to make a difference. From oral hygiene to relaxing the mind and body, bedtime should be an integral piece of everyone’s self-care practice. Moreover, your whole family can benefit from the right wellness tools at bedtime. The following wellness products support proper self-care and encourage a restful night’s sleep for everyone in the family.

Somavedic Harmony, $498

Creating an environment conducive to good sleep is a key piece of any bedtime routine. The Somadvedic Harmony is an EMF-mitigating device that helps to lower electromagnetic fields and reduce the effects of free radicals in small spaces, like bedrooms. The company also sells larger models for bigger spaces, but the Harmony is a great place to start. Many report better sleep and an increased feeling of relaxation with the use of the Harmony. Moreover, the gentle light from the device makes a beautiful nightlight in any bedroom, and can be an especially soothing addition to a child’s space at night. And, as an added bonus, this device packs up easily for travel, helping to create a calm space for nights away from home, too.

Midnight Blue Silk Sleep Mask by Drowsy, $79

Even the smallest light sources can interfere with a good night’s sleep. This Silk Sleep Mask by Drowsy is available in more than 10 colors and made from soft silk that is gentle on hair and skin. It’s also wider than many sleep masks, helping to block out more light. Instead of including a strap, the silk wraps around the head with a closure that can be adjusted for just the right fit. This sleep mask is pure luxury and a great choice for even the most sensitive sleepers.

Sheer Botanical Body Oil by Figaro Apothecary, $85

This Sheer Botanical Body Oil by Figaro Apothecary makes the perfect addition to any bedtime wellness routine. Formulated with sea buckthorn, frankincense, vitamin E and rose, the oil has a subtle, relaxing fragrance and encourages relaxation. It’s ideal for hydrating skin and adding a calming ritual before sleep. Frankincese is also known for encouraging relaxation.

Quiet Loop Earplugs, $24.95

One of the biggest obstacles to quality sleep is noise. Whether you sleep with earplugs regularly or have yet to try them out, these Quiet Loop Earplugs will help to create a relaxing environment for sleep. Designed to block up to 27 dB of noise, you’ll still be able to hear enough to feel safe but also remove enough noise pollution to get deeper sleep. Available in 6 colors, the earplugs have a trendy vibe with their loop design and come with multiple size options to make sure you get the most comfortable fit.

SuperTeeth Dental Probiotic 60 Count, $26.96

We often forget our mouths benefit from good bacteria, too. SuperTeeth Dental Probiotic makes an easy addition to any bedtime routine and helps to build good bacteria in the mouth—which in turn helps to prevent cavities, build healthier gums, and break down plaque. Countless positive reviews online report increased oral health with use. Not only is it safe for children and adults, it’s also tasty, which is an added win. Simply enjoy the minty tablet after brushing.

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