Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

A few months in, 2023 is shaping up to be an even bigger than usual year for the Сity of Angels. Marking the centennial of the world famous Hollywood sign, the entire city is paying homage to 100 years as America’s film capital. Coincidentally, the legendary Millenium Biltmore Hotel, Warner Brothers, and the Walt Disney Studio also celebrate a century of high profile hospitality this year, bringing more than one Los Angeles icon back into the spotlight.

Originally reading “Hollywoodland,” the Hollywood sign was first lit up in December 1923, casting a golden glow over Mount Lee. Since then, the sign has remained a beacon for Los Angeles residents and visitors, symbolizing the sense of possibility and glamor behind Hollywood’s search for stardom. Refurbished just last year, the sign is even sporting a fresh coat of paint to mark the centennial, a celebration that the rest of the city is also in on.

The city’s Biltmore Hotel, first opened in 1923, rose to fame as both a celebrity mainstay and pinnacle of luxury. Having hosted the country’s most influential figures and events, the hotel boasts decades spent at its original address on Grand Avenue. After a fortuitous revival following a brief period of uncertainty in the 1970’s, the Biltmore became a heritage destination merging the spirit of Old Hollywood and modern standards of luxury on par with Los Angeles’ contemporary personality.

To mark its centennial celebration, the Biltmore has released a brand new commemorative logo representing “100 years of grandeur.” The hotel’s 2023 schedule is set to include a 100th Anniversary Ball, along with a series of speakeasy events to whisk guests back to Hollywood’s heyday. Lovingly restored as the years have passed, the building’s interior is set to undergo a handful of renovations this year, including an improvement of its famed fresco ceilings. Original tilework adorning the hotel’s indoor pool, vintage photographs of Hollywood starlets at the hotel, and exquisite ironwork are some of the details that make the Biltmore as much of a treasure as it is a high end destination.

Lodging options include the Deluxe, Executive and Club Rooms, along with a selection of roomy suites. The Music Suite, which includes a baby grand piano, a butler’s pantry and a lounge, embodies the Biltmore’s commitment to elegance.

Now considered a Historic Cultural Monument of the City of Los Angeles, the Biltmore continues to extend unparalleled service, updated amenities, and one hundred years of hospitality expertise to each of its guests. Whether you’re visiting for the centennial, or already had a trip to Southern California planned for this year, a stay at the Biltmore is the ideal way to pay homage.

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