Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Being it’s Thanksgiving, I wanted to give credit where it’s due. Thus, here’s a list of products and companies I am thankful for this year – in no particular order. They have collectively incorporated inventive thinking, creativity and intelligence to make our lives easier and more productive. So thank you to:

Acer, for creating the Spin 713 Chromebook that single-handedly saved my writing business after my Macbook screeched to a quirky halt.

Mint Mobile, for letting me realize there’s a much less expensive, non-committal mobile phone service that’s way more reliable than the awful behemoth called Verizon Wireless.

Liteboxer, for making a VR version of its incredible boxing apparatus – letting me get a fantastic upper-body cardio workout without taking up valuable space in my garage.

Speaking of…Meta, for its Quest VR goggles that not only allow me to do some boxing and also play virtual golf, but for providing me an immersive experience of every Disney attraction in the world without having to leave my living room.

TCL, for its low-priced Android phones that I can rely on daily.

Google, for creating the many free online tools to virtually run a business on – allowing many of us to travel with just a phone and not a laptop, and stay 100 percent productive. Also for YouTube Studio, allowing me to digitize all of our old home movies online for everyone in the family to watch – for free. And finally for YouTube TV, which in my estimation is the single-best TV streaming service around.

Delta Air Lines, for that cool parallel reality experience at the Detroit airport.

PXG, for making sleek-looking irons that have revitalized my golf game this year. And Ping, for bringing confidence back to my chipping game.

GoPro, for making the Hero 11 – the smallest, coolest video camera I’ve ever tried.

Juiced, for coming up with some of the best, most-powerful and reliable e-bikes in America – and allowing me the freedom to sell my car so I can pedal and throttle around town instead.

Amazon, for its outstanding Fire TV stick that revived the old “dumb” Panasonic TV in my mancave. And for its Kindle Fire tablets that ease those frequent middle-of-the-night sleepless stretches by letting me re-binge on “Psych” reruns.

GM, for allowing me a glimpse into the future world of electric cars. It’s already great, and it’s going to be even more amazing.

Kangaroo, for making home security cameras and doorbells – and even water sensors – that are truly wireless, super easy to set up and use, and intuitive to operate. All devices like this should be so simple.

Kingston and OWC for their super-fast and secure storage devices and USB sticks. Everyone should back up their data on these types of portable solutions – keeping it offline for safety purposes.

And to Cuisinart for its supreme grind automatic burr mill that lets me believe I can make amazing coffee and espresso on my own without needing to use pods or head to the local coffee shop. Before this machine came into my life, I never realized how much the fineness of a coffee bean grind can affect flavor.

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