Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Designed by women, for women, meet Sweaty Betty’s latest store, ‘The PowerHouse,’ in the recently developed Battersea Power Station. Situated within the London landmark, this is the debut concept store from activewear label Sweaty Betty, and at 2,400 sqft, it’s the largest of its stores worldwide. Jessica Wells, Vice President, Creative at Sweaty Betty, tells us about its new slick home, from its name to the oversized sound system.

‘The PowerHouse’ name – inspired by BPS

It was a no-brainer to call this space The PowerHouse. It captures an immediate visceral feeling of strength and energy. An undeniable force. It’s a literal and direct connection of the product to a place full of emotion merged into one impactful name. Iconic and memorable. This store only scratches the surface of where we want to go – we want to take our customers beyond to a place no other activewear brand is going.

FIREBIRD – SB’s new primary color in collaboration with Pantone

We are in love with our new brand color, ‘firebird,’ which we developed with Pantone. We wanted it to be the most vibrant version of orange, fusing the vibrant high energy of red and the positivity of yellow. It’s all about a feeling and creates immediate visual imagery in mind, that I can’t wait to build on creatively. It increases oxygen to the brain! I also love that it demands attention. There’s a bit of firebird in everyone! We want people to feel that confidence within.

3D speaker installation – sneak peek into SB’s future work with emerging women’s talent

Music is so powerful; it can take any mind and body to another place and, of course, works hand in hand with being active. I wanted the store to have a sensory connection; we worked on a bespoke playlist for The PowerHouse full of empowering, talented female artists.

Designed using our logo, the oversized speaker installation in the window of The PowerHouse store represents a living sculpture evolving through sound. I’d love to push this concept further through human interaction and see what experience that could create… An unexpected sculpture of discovery and meaning.

Power Pods – twice the size of standard fitting rooms

Nobody loves a changing room, so it was super important for us to create an environment of comfort, a safe space where squeezing into a tight pair of leggings wasn’t so daunting. The Power Pods have been designed specifically to feel more luxe and tactile with flattering dimmable light. I wanted to create a place you can hang out with friends and empower one another.

Minimalism – Premium design concept and layout

I wanted this space to feel more premium and elevated. It’s a step in the right direction in line with the new brand positioning. A teaser of what’s to come. The store design is inspired by the circle and the cylinder, representing the Sweaty Betty symbol and the iconic BPS chimneys. We used this as a design theme throughout the space, reinforcing connection and meaning.

Stylist Hub – mobile check-out system

The mobile check-out system allows customers to pay for their items at any location in the store; this creates a more comfortable check-out experience and will enable them to avoid long queues, which can only be a good thing! The mobile checkout system helps to create a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

Signature recycling program – bring in your pre-loved activewear

Sweaty Betty’s recycling program allows customers to bring their old leggings to the store and drop them off; we either re-home them or recycle them with SOEX. As a thank you, customers receive a £10 voucher off their next £50 spend. Of course, this program also exists within The PowerHouse, and we encourage customers to get involved!

Exclusive product – limited edition FIREBIRD hoodies and totes

We worked hard with Pantone to create our new colorway, ‘Firebird’ and wanted to utilize it in a way that consumers could also engage with. In celebration of this new chapter of Sweaty Betty and the introduction of Firebird, we designed limited-edition hoodies and totes available at The PowerHouse.

Immersion – floor-to-ceiling LED screens and high gloss fiber mannequins

I wanted a strong sense of scale, tactility and impact to come through, but with balance. Not to overpower but to uplift and energize. We maxed out our power usage through the floor-to-ceiling screens, which excite the eye from outside the store. Creating a sense of energy and excitement and acts as a tool for discovery.

Community – a space for connection and a sense of community

Our main objective when developing The Powerhouse store was to create a space for connection and a sense of community that makes our customers feel empowered and strong. We want the area to be more than a store but a comfortable, fun, exciting environment where people come together and leave feeling uplifted.

Address: Battersea Power Station, 244 The Power Station Circus Road South, London, SW11 8BZ

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