Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Get ready for a Live Well Together experience at Banyan Tree in 2025.

And it couldn’t come at a better time. A recent report on the global wellness economy from the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI) agrees that a boom in wellness tourism is right ahead. If this travel market took a massive hit in 2020–when it shrunk -39.5% to $436 billion–the GWI predicts that wellness travel will be the wellness sector clocking the fastest growth through 2025, expanding 21% each year to reach $1.1 trillion. Notably, the spa and thermal/mineral springs markets, the other two wellness sectors hit the hardest by the pandemic, will also see the biggest annual growth through 2025 (at 17% and 15%, respectively). We’re entering an era of new traveler values (a quest for nature, sustainability and mental wellness), as well as a period of rapid recovery from seriously pent-up demand, not just for travel, but for some serious healing.

Banyan Tree Group is impressively poised to capitalize on the booming trend. The luxury brand has announced, this June, the signing of Banyan Tree Veya Bacalar, set to open early 2025 in Mexico’s Bacalar Lagoon region located in the southern part of Quintana Roo. The $28 million, 40-key resort marks Banyan Tree Group’s sixth location in Mexico and third in the Yucatán Region, where the Group continues to expand its multi-brand portfolio of hotels, resorts, galleries, golf, spas and residences. Situated a few hours south of traditional tourist destinations and 30 minutes north of the Belize border, Bacalar is best known for its crystal-clear waters that native Mayans call “the Lagoon of the Seven Colors,” referring to the water’s multiple hues of blue, from turquoise to deep-sea indigo. This serene natural environment is an ideal location for the Group’s newly launched Veya brand, one that provides guests with a holistic wellbeing experience.

Says Mr. Peter Hechler, Senior Assistant Vice President, Head of Regional Operations for the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas of Banyan Tree Group, “Modern travelers are actively seeking experiences on ‘the-path-less-traveled’, and as we continue to expand, we are looking to bring awareness to emerging destinations that are rich with history, culture and natural wonders.”

Tucked away in the southeast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula near the Belize border, Banyan Tree Veya Bacalar will offer 35 villas and 5 residences set within lush, dense greenery. Four dining concepts will overlook more than 100 yards of Bacalar Lagoon’s extraordinary waters, and a specialty restaurant will provide dining over the lake – a first for the region. Watersport enthusiasts will enjoy an expansive main pool and gear available in the lakeside palapa for kayaking and paddle boarding explorations.

The spa promises to be sensational. Under the Veya brand, extensive wellbeing programs curated by dedicated wellbeing consultants will be at the forefront of the property, inspiring guests to embark on a personalized wellbeing journey. Traditional spa services can be enjoyed at the Banyan Tree Spa, designed to resemble a cenote in honor of the region’s famous underground water caves. Bespoke programs with an emphasis on what the brand calls ‘embodiment therapies’ are provided through the Veya program, based on Banyan Tree’s eight proprietary pillars of wellbeing that cover a range of multidisciplinary modalities including sleep, dietary awareness, physical vitality and harmony with nature. Veya means ‘to weave,’ and provides the safe space to integrate one’s own path to wellbeing.

The Live Well Together combined campaign offers something for everyone, regardless of where they are on their journey to wellbeing. A stay for two includes guest-room accommodations designed for sleep enhancement, 24-hour check-in and check-out, daily balanced breakfast, afternoon nutrition platter, plus room wellbeing amenities (yoga mat and sound therapy bowl).

I have to say – I experienced a Banyan Tree spa massage in Thailand about 20 years ago – and I never forgot it – it was so sumptuous and sensational. So make sure your passport is up-to-date and add this to your radar screen.

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