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Many popular leisure destinations are open with minimal travel restrictions. Therefore, this September is an opportunity to enjoy the last weeks of summer warmth and experience smaller crowds now that school is back in session for many students.

United States Travel Restrictions

There are currently no travel restrictions for traveling within the United States and territories, which makes it easy to go to the beach for a late summer getaway. Coronavirus infection rates remain relatively low in many places, but travelers should still exercise caution.

Mask Mandates

The most high-profile safeguard to impact domestic travel is the indoor mask mandate at New York’s JFK, La Guardia and Stewart airports. Other local mask mandates may apply.

The federal mask mandate is still suspended while it’s under appeal in the legal system. No passenger is required to wear a mask on commercial transit within the United States unless it’s a carrier requirement.

However, select international airlines and countries still have mask mandates. As a result, they may require passengers to wear a mask when departing from or returning to the United States.

No Pre-Arrival Testing

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There is no pre-arrival testing requirement to enter the United States. Before the June 2022 policy change, all tourists and returning citizens at least two years old needed a negative test result.

Vaccine Requirements For Tourists

Non-U.S. citizens eligible for a coronavirus vaccine must be currently vaccinated to enter the United States. There are no vaccine requirements for U.S. citizens to re-enter the country, but the destination may have a similar policy for international visitors.


Only vaccinated travelers can visit Canada. This policy appears to remain unchanged for the

foreseeable future. Additionally, the air and land border crossings are open. A commercial travel mask mandate also applies when traveling on public transportation in Canada.

There is hope that the travel restrictions for Canadians returning to Canada from the U.S. will expire on September 30, 2022. This move may encourage more international travel between both countries.


There will continue to be no entry restrictions for Mexico as the country doesn’t require vaccination, pre-arrival testing or quarantining upon arrival. The air and land crossings are open.

Latin America

Latin America is open to vaccinated travelers but remains a mixed bag for the unvaccinated. For instance, you must be vaccinated appropriately to enter Brazil. There are no testing or vaccine requirements for Argentina, Belize or Costa Rica.

Some countries are still requiring visitors to have Covid-19 travel insurance. One such country is Argentina.


Many of the Caribbean islands are open for air travel and cruises. The Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas continue to be some of the easiest to reach. Another destination that was one of the last to re-open but is now open to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike is the Cayman Islands.

The Turks and Caicos is a popular location that’s still only open to the vaccinated. The entry requirements no longer require pre-arrival testing or acquiring travel insurance like before.


Much of the European bloc is almost “back to normal” without testing or vaccine requirements. But, there are a couple of exceptions. The Netherlands is only open to vaccinated travelers. Spain requires a negative pre-arrival test for the unvaccinated.

The war in Ukraine continues to impact travel in Eastern Europe.

Mask mandates can also be in effect for public transit and high-traffic places. These policies differ by country.


The travel restrictions vary by country but are more lenient for fully vaccinated travelers. Many countries require a negative pre-arrival test for unvaccinated arrivals.

It’s easy to fly to two of the most popular African destinations without restrictions—Egypt and South Africa. Both nations are open to all visitors and don’t have testing or vaccination requirements.


The Land Down Under welcomes vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers for leisure travel. There are no pre-arrival testing requirements, although a negative test result is necessary to travel within states and territories.

New Zealand

Only the vaccinated can travel to New Zealand for tourism. There are no testing or quarantine requirements.


Asia continues to soften its strict safety measures and allow tourists to return. Pre-arrival testing and travel visa requirements are becoming less common.

However, one notable standout region is China, which remains closed to non-essential travel.

Japan is only open in select instances, such as group tours. Visitors must present a negative pre-arrival test.

Thailand is another popular spot as many like to go to Phuket. The only travel restriction for visiting Thailand is a negative pre-arrival test for the unvaccinated. Vaccinated visitors can waive the testing requirement.


Traveling within the United States or to the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe remain the best option for most as these countries have the fewest restrictions. In many instances, it’s possible to go restriction-free. But, it’s still possible to encounter mask mandates and pre-arrival testing requirements.

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