Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

My wife and I must really slack at keeping our floors clean. I suspect this because every time I try a new vacuum for this column – and there have been many times – it seems to pick up a lot of dust and dirt that we missed. Case in point: I recently assembled Samsung’s new Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner – a super-easy, one-minute process – and powered it on. I ran the unit along our hardwood floor and rug that I’d vacuumed extensively the day before. After about two minutes, I’d filled the Samsung’s dust bin. The unit’s either crazy thorough or we’re crazy bad – or both.

Either way, the Samsung vacuum works as advertised. Which is a great thing. But my single-favorite part about it is that when you place it back on its base, you can press a power button on the base itself, and it instantly sucks all of the dust out of the vacuum and collects it into a larger dust collector in the base. That way I don’t need to do it manually into our outdoor garbage can like I’ve done with literally every other cordless vacuum immediately after I finish a vacuum session. And I do it deliberately outdoors, because when I manually open other brands’ dust bins, dirt flies everywhere. So the Samsung – and I see the new LG cordless vacuum, as well – eliminates this step.

I also like that the Samsung displays the exact percentage of battery charge as it’s juicing up. That’s incredibly helpful to me. It has four operating suction strengths – the higher the strength, the more power it uses and the shorter the battery life. Which brings me to the machine’s drawback. In “jet” mode, which is the maximum suction strength, you get roughly eight minutes of power – just enough time to cover maybe an entire floor of an average-sized home. I think every other cordless vacuum I’ve ever tried is also disappointing in this area. To Samsung’s credit, it displays the battery time remaining as you are vacuuming.

The unit also comes with accessories that are geared for specific floor types, furniture, pet fur, and hard-to-reach areas — as well as an accessories cradle, to store these attachments. That cradle can also be used as a conduit to power up the included extra battery via the extra charging cord in the box. You may well need to use it, if you like to keep suction power on the maximum setting like I do.

But if you’re in the market for a cordless vacuum, this one is very compelling. It weighs just 5.7 pounds, offers 210AW of suction power, and is easy to navigate around hardwood floors, short carpeting, longer rugs, and tile. It’s not overly loud, either. And Samsung claims it traps 99.999 percent of micro-dust particles and filters them through a five-layer filtration system. It’s available in midnight blue, woody green and misty white. It sells for $900, which is expensive for a vacuum cleaner. But it seems like a solid unit that will last.

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