Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

There’s been quite a few things returning and happening during the AW22/23 couture week season. Besides the fact that this is the first all physical couture week since January 2020- and some brands haven’t held a single show or presentation since then, it’s worth noting that couture designer Rami Al Ali hosted a runway show. It has been a while since he’s held a show. Normally Al Ali does prestigious presentations but he has flowed into the feeling that physical fashion has been missed so why not do a show.

Held in the heart of the city at Artcurial under a cool late morning with gray skies, Al Ali’s collection brought color and pizzazz off the Champs Elysées. When thinking of Rami Al Ali Couture, elegance and properly done are the words that come to mind. Al Ali himself exudes a poised presence and you can see it in his mannerisms in how he carries himself in a dignified way, fervent about his craft.

Inspired by the 1960s, Al Ali dived into the dualities of that decade wanting to produce a collection that easily brings the past and present together. Not one to shy away from volume, sculpted shapes, and flamboyance, the namesake designer found it no different today. A shimmery purple gown with a lavender cape-esque piece was full of shape and volume to match the column gown. A wine colored off-the shoulder gown with line designs and an intricate shape that gives the dress a mermaid-feel flirts with volume towards the bottom part of the gown.

Using a rich color palette from dark purple, navy blues, lavender, forest green, raspberry, pink and copper orange, it’s a collection that evokes emotion in the hues.

Taking away from the style icons of the 60s, the designs are a nod to the strength and lively characteristics of style during that time. To tell this sartorial story of strong 60s influences he used taffeta, satin, and double-faced silks are included with delicate silk muslin and tulles. Pairing fabrics provides contrast yet balance for each piece.

“Al Ali seamlessly illustrates his impeccable skill to add an element of depth with the clever use of graphic embroidery along with an intricate mix of precious glass beading, Swarovski crystals, and beautiful hand-cut silk organza appliques,” states the house. Another element used are feathers. A trend in this fashion week, Al Ali puts soft ostrich and filoplume striped feathers on the trimmings and placed them between the embroidery on gowns.

You know that with anything Rami Al Ali does, it will be elegant, flamboyant, professional, and done with the highest excellence. Seeing him unveil his collection through a different medium other than a presentation was a nice change for those who delight in the house. The shapes, colors, and theme were nothing less than his always best.

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