Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Introducing this ski season’s most coveted collab — Perfect Moment have teamed up sustainable label DL1961 to deliver the coolest collection of denim skiwear that’s not only environmentally friendly, but will also withstand forces of nature.

Championing an elevated and polished look with an energy that’s mischievously childlike, the collaboration merges the two brand’s distinctive aesthetics as well as their shared goal to increase transparency and awareness in the apparel industry. The six piece capsule collection features versatile puffer jackets, form-fitting jumpsuit, and flare ski pants in Perfect Moment’s signature houndstooth pattern and innovative denim fabric developed with DL1961.

“I spent my teenage years living in Switzerland, and any time skiing over the winter months would mostly be spent trying, in vain, to keep my Swiss friends in view — much to their unending amusement. I went on to marry an ex-Swiss ski racer and history has repeated itself with him and our five children.” Jane Gottschalk, serial entrepreneur and Creative Director for Perfect Moment, says of the design inspiration behind the new drop. “The cool kids skied in denim — they could because they didn’t fall. I always wished I was good enough to do this, and not get soaking wet and frozen in the process. My focus has been to develop the ‘perfect ski pant’ for different shapes: the high waisted skinny, the low (and high) waisted flare, the cargo etc. Very similarly to how it’s done for a denim brand. I always knew I wanted to add true denim to this at some point, including jackets, and meeting Sarah and the DL1961 family was the ‘perfect moment’ for both brands.”

“The essence of what we wanted to achieve is nostalgia and adventure — all with the functional aspects of what Perfect Moment and DL1961 stand for as brands.” says DL1961’s Creative Director, Sarah Ahmed. When asked about how long it took to develop the water and cold temperature resistant, eco-friendly denim fabric, Ahmed recalls: “Both our teams are accustomed to working at lighting speeds, but this was different, because the goal wasn’t to create something that just looked good aesthetically, but could also perform. There was no precedent for that.”

“DL1961 exclusively uses sustainable denim so that was a no brainer.” Ahmed says, commenting that it was the process of combining that denim with the Perfect Moment signature down filling, fit, quality and functionality that was tricky. “We conceived and developed the samples in a few months but since the final round arrived in the middle of summer, our design team headed to the indoor ski slopes in New Jersey to test them out. Let’s just say we were really relieved when it passed the test.”

Gottschalk adds that marrying Perfect Moment’s technical features to DL1961’s design and manufacturing process was the biggest challenge, and one they weren’t uncertain that could work at first. But after the indoor testing in New Jersey, the designs are now ready for the Alps, smiles Gottschalk. “All in all, only the forces of nature behind DL1961 and Perfect Moment could make denim that could withstand the forces of nature on a mountaintop.”

It’s clear that both Perfect Moment and DL1961 place their unwavering focus on making the design and production process as planet-friendly as possible. Gottschalk says having received a joint investment from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra this year “is a huge accolade” for the brand and also shows Jonas and Chopra’s business savvy and risk profile at choosing to support and help raise the profile of smaller brands — “feeding back into their desire to promote better practices in many areas of business and charitable work.”

With so much green washing going on in the industry, how do Gottschalk and Ahmed, as businesswomen and driving forces behind two recognized labels, stay grounded and focused on sustainability and eco/social responsibility?

“Every brand has an obligation to make changes and instill a sustainable mandate throughout their product range.” Says Gottschalk. “This doesn’t happen overnight and takes investment in, and pressure on, the supply chain — especially, in our case, when using high-end technical/performance fabrics. DL1961 instantly understood the vision and embraced the challenge. The denim industry gets a bad rap for the amount of waste and water needed for production, so working with DL1961 not only gave us the opportunity to bring the vision to life, but also the opportunity to work with and promote their incredible sustainable denim made in their family-owned vertically integrated factories, granting us and our customers full transparency on how the product is produced.”

“Working together has been such a pleasure because there is such deeper connection and understanding about where we see the fashion industry going in terms of sustainability, and how we can lead the change in that.” Ahmed elaborates further: “At DL1961, optimizing water, dyes, energy and other resources not only builds a more sustainable product but a better one in terms of performance. There are so many newer upcycled and sustainable fibers that are actually better in quality and fit, and we feel that we have successfully leveraged them to create a standard in the denim space. As for greenwashing, it’s deplorable. We hope that by being transparent and advocating for sustainability on platforms like this we are able to speak to the consumer directly. Collaborations like this show the consumer that you can do something outrageously innovative and sustainable all at once.”

“You can’t make clothes for people if you don’t have their back. That’s a simple rule we live by.” adds Ahmed.

Both Creative Directors remain tight-lipped about what’s upcoming for Perfect Moment and DL1961, we shall watch the space.

Perfect Moment x DL1961 collab collection is now available at and, as well as via luxury platforms Net-A-Porter and FarFetch.

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