Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Calling all Nickelodeon fans—your childhood dreams of getting slimed can still come true by visiting the Sloomoo Institute, a multi-sensory slime experience now open in NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Launched as a pop-up experience in New York City in 2019, co-founders Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller quickly decided to take the show (or more apropos, the slime) on the road after seeing the overwhelmingly positive response from everyone—kids and adults alike.

Robinovitz and Schiller have been highly intentional in their approach to Sloomoo. Their goal is to create a satisfying hands-on experience—not just another pop-up designed for the sake of a cool Instagram pic. Schiller explains that “we are passionate about activating our customers’ senses with a physical product, going back to the concept of sensory play and analog experiences as a way to find joy and let go of swipe culture.”

Each Sloomoo interior features sophisticated, interactive spaces designed by contemporary artists, and the overall vibe is indoor playground-meets-modern art installation. What makes the design of Sloomoo Institute truly unique, however, is that every area is intended for personal interaction, offering visitors unique opportunities to tap into the joy of multi-sensory experiences.

Some highlights from the new Chicago location include “Sloomoo Falls” where visitors can stand under a waterfall of slime, “Lake Sloomoo” which provides 350 gallons of slime to walk on, a Yayoi Kusama Obliteration Room-inspired “Slime Wall,” Kinetic Sand® “Doons,” ASMR experiences, soundscapes, scent exploration, and more.

Fast Facts

  • The Sloomoo DIY bar offers 60 scents (think dessert, fruit, floral, and more), 40 colors, and 150 charm mix-ins, which means visitors have over four million custom slime variations to choose from.
  • The Sloomoo team prioritizes neurodivergent audiences and is offering “sensory hours,” which will include smaller numbers of visitors, quieter volume, and an experience catered to those with heightened sensitivities.
  • Each Sloomoo location features installations created by contemporary artists, like Jillian Mayer, Paul Outlaw, Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger.
  • Sloomoo—the namesake and official mascot, is a word created to mean “a magical being made of slime.” Sloomoo represents the institute’s mission to promote inclusivity—because slime is non-binary (not a liquid or a solid) and comes in all colors, sizes, shapes, and forms.

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