Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

In my latest column where I interview stars from top Broadway shows on what they love about New York, I’m profiling Michael Potts, who currently stars in the Broadway revival of August Wilson’s play “The Piano Lesson.” The production opened in October and has a blockbuster cast including Samuel L. Jackson and John David Washington.

Where do you live in NYC?

I live in Newark.

What is your favorite neighborhood in NYC and why?

The East Village. It’s the best mix of everything in NYC. It’s probably one of the most democratic areas in the city.

Can you share some of your favorite spots in the Theater District and what makes them so great?

The little park on the 43rd street side of Manhattan Plaza. A great place to sit for a quick lunch. Plus, there’s the heavenly aroma coming from the Little Pie Company.

Also Bryant Park. It’s more Theater District adjacent. It’s always full of people, both New Yorkers and tourists. Somehow, it feels like you’re in the dead center of the city.

The best place for a pre-or post-theater meal and why. What are the dishes to order?

Orso- anything on the menu. Glasshouse Tavern- jumbo crab cake and duck wellington.

Best Theater District watering hole and the drink to get.

Lambs Club. All their bartenders know what they’re doing. Usually, I’ll have either a gin martini up with a twist, or an El Presidente.

Insider tips for enjoying a Broadway show.

Arrive on time and make friends with other patrons on either side of you. TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

The New York City theater you love to go to and why.

I don’t have a favorite. They’re all architecturally impressive. Great work happens in each and every one of them.

What other Broadway shows are on your radar right now?

Death of a Salesman, Togdog/Underdog and Leopolstat.

Share your insider New York gems.

Not telling.

Can you share your favorite theaters around the world and why?

At present, the only theaters I’ve visited outside of the USA have been on the UK’s West End: Wyndham’s Theater and the Palace Theater

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