Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Finding swimwear for women isn’t easy—it could look great but isn’t comfortable. Or it’s comfy but isn’t exactly sexy. It’s hard to find a balance between the two, and something that won’t fall off in the crashing waves of the ocean.

In fact, this summer, Instagram has been ripe with bikini selfies from the likes of Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber and Gabrielle Union, and there’s still time to perfect our tans before Labor Day.

Bikinilista is a Milan-based brand that makes all of us look like Instagram models in their swimwear, catching good vibes on the tides.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels confident about herself, and that’s why Bikinilista is so successful,” said Bikinilista co-founder Faisal Wahid.

The brand delivers to 90 countries worldwide, and recently debuted their latest collaboration with Swarovski at Miami Swim Week.

While the brand is known for their celebrity-approved swimsuit styles, like their one-shoulder bikini, the Cap De Barboria Bustier Bikini, a style that has been worn by everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Eva Longoria and Kourtney Kardashian, they’re now known for their crystals, too.

The brand unveiled their recent collection at Miami Swim Week, a collaboration with Swarovski, embedding swimsuits and bikinis with crystals from Swarovski that glimmer in the sun.

“We wanted to create a luxury collection which was subtle but stood out so women could have their beauty stand out,” said Hosseini. “We chose Swarovski, as they create such beautiful crystals, and we wanted to create a fully functioning bikini that has an extra bit of oomph and glamor.”

This sparkly new Swarovski collection boasts three styles; the Sharon Beach one piece swimsuit, a V-neck one piece neatly with crystals from Swarovski woven under the bust, and their Coast Capri Bustier Bikini – The Glamor Edition, which is glamorous in an effortless way, so we can shine by poolside (without looking like we’re trying too hard).

Another adorned with dozens of crystals from Swarovski is their Clementine triangle bikini, a subtle way to bring some sparkle to the beach. They’re all carefully crafted so they won’t fall off.

Bikinilista also has ultra-romantic ruffled swimwear, which is a sophisticated addition to any upscale swim bag. If you have been in the sun, and your current bikinis are faded and stretched, why not opt for something new, just in time for booking your winter tropical trips?

There’s a number of pieces you can still try before the summer is over. Among their bestsellers of this year’s hot girl summer, includes the Cap de Barbaria bustier bikini, named after a peak in Ibiza, which can easily be mixed and matched with other styles on their website.

In fact, the brand offers a dizzying amount of swimwear, so much, it’s hard to decide. They offer six different styles and over 150 swimwear designs in a number of colors—from black to white and pink—in five sizes. “Matching our versatility is hard to find in any luxury swimwear brand,” says Wahid.

One of their best-kept secrets is their Italian-made fabric. “Italy produces some of the finest high-grade fabrics in Europe, availability of local craft factories, its reputed production and manufacturing facilities, and of course, it’s a hub for fashion,” said Bikinilista co-founder Soheil Hosseini.

“The fabric blend that we use has been researched for ultimate comfort, faster drying, intimate contouring, and providing a second skin for an overall luxurious feel.

As former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland once said: “The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb.”

Their pieces tap into the wanderlust we have for Italy, where women saunter down the ancient streets of old Italian towns, while catching rays along the Mediterranean beaches. The Costa Smeralda Bandeau bikini is named after the azure waters in Sardinia, Italy. Another tropical beach-inspired piece is the Cala Rossa one piece swimsuit, which is named after a village in Sicily.

Next up, they’re hitting Paris Fashion Week because summer is not the only time we wear bikinis—as fashionistas have plenty of trips to Miami, the Caribbean and Latin America during the winter months.

Stocking up on versatile bikinis that can be mixed and matched together, is a smart move, so women can pose for your tropical vacation photos in warm-weather destinations with ease and comfort. There’s something for everyone with Bikinilista, depending on your mood, and they’re easy to mix and match quality pieces.

“Our craftsmanship has been another key achievement, and in our designs, there’s a lot of creative thought and detailed craftsmanship behind it, as making women feel special is at the heart of our brand,” he adds.

“We want every woman to feel like she’s an Italian Bellissima, radiating in her youth, vibrant in her demeanor, and exuding zest.”

Check out the swimwear styles Bikinilista’s website and on Instagram @bikinilista.

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