Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Epic. Icon. Outlier. Rebel. Genius.

Encompassing all that was David Bowie is a challenge to put into words, but every now and again we are allowed to revel in him through more than just his music.

At the end of last year, his handwritten lyrics to the song “Starman” sold at auction for 200,000GBP (which is nearly quarter of a million dollars at today’s conversion rate) and gave the public a glimpse into the unique way the musician constructed his lyrics. More recently, The Victoria and Albert museum acquired Bowie’s archive of over 80,000 items which will be housed in a new extension of the museum named after Bowie himself called the David Bowie Center for the Study of Performing Arts.

Although, the just-released Bowie capsule collection by California-based denim and ready-to-wear brand, Mother, melds the look of the musician’s Ziggy Stardust era with the brand’s own whimsical spirit, bringing to life the heart of the musician’s extraordinariness and places it straight onto our backs.

Mother, whose jeans are beloved for their fit, comfort, and style by modern icons such as Reese Witherspoon to model it-girls such as Gigi Hadid, created this capsule in homage to Bowie which manifested in a collection with a West Coast vintage vibe of one the musician’s most renowned personas.

Bowie was not just a lover of fashion, he used clothes and costume as a way to channel his creativity and create different identities and narratives around his work and who he was as a person. In a similar vein, Mother’s capsule is inspired by his sense of storytelling through fashion and encourages consumers to embody a 70s alter-ego spirit.

The heart of Mother x David Bowie consists of 70s concert-style tees embellished with images of Bowie himself and glittery-letters spelling out the name of Bowie hits in marquee fonts of the time. Some of the more covetable pieces are the cropped cardigan featuring signature Ziggy Stardust lightening bolts on the sleeves and David Bowie spelled out on the back, as well as the flared jeans which embody a cheeky take on the singer’s “The Jean Genie” song title, printing it arced across the bottom in gold metallic script and stars. Although, in its total simplicity and sheer punny-ness, it’s the “Let’s Dance” socks which are the capsule’s greatest hit.

The Mother x David Bowie capsule is women’s collection with prices ranging from $28-$475. It’s available at retail locations and online at

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