Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Leslie Jordan has worn many hats in his dynamic and prolific career as an entertainer, and he’s about to add one more. He has partnered with GetYourGuide to be a guest host on a New York City tour bus. This one-of-a-kind tour will last for two hours and will only be offered for one day on July 27, 2022.

The Emmy Award-winning actor posted on Instagram that he is going to make sure that those on the tour do New York “the right way”. Throughout the open-topped bus tour, Jordan will share his comedic observations, personal memories of show business, and unfiltered opinions in addition to his own fun insights about New York City’s landmarks.

Jordan isn’t sharing the exact itinerary of the bus tour because he wants to keep it a secret, but it will feature several of the most iconic spots in the Big Apple. You can expect to see Broadway, The Stonewall Inn, Central Park, and even some spots that may be new to you. The tour will also include a quick trip across the Brooklyn Bridge for the breathtaking skyline views of Manhattan.

The bus tour isn’t your ordinary hop-on, hop-off experience of the city. Leslie Jordan’s GetYourGuide tour will expose guests to the city’s awe-inspiring architecture, diverse culture, historic spots, and special parks, among other things. With his insider local knowledge, he plans to help each guest see the city in a whole new way and certainly one more filled with humor.

“At GetYourGuide, we offer experiences that allow travelers to find joy in discovering the extraordinary depth and true spirit of a destination,” explained Caroline Berger of GetYourGuide. “Leslie has brought much needed humor to millions throughout his entire career, and we believe he will be the perfect tour guide for those really wanting to get under the surface of what is New York City.”

“Through Leslie’s unrivaled charisma and endless supply of stories, we will give travelers a very authentic perspective of New York and experience the vibrant city in a way that no one else has,” Berger added.

You won’t go hungry while you explore the city. Snacks, soda, and water will be provided to each guest, and everyone on the tour will be gifted a GetYourGuide goody bag that isn’t offered elsewhere.

A limited number of tickets for the one-day-only, two-hour sightseeing bus tour that’s taking place on July 27, 2022, are now available. Tickets are only $15, and you can purchase them on

In addition to selling tickets for the show, GetYourGuide is hosting a competition on its Instagram page between now and July 20, 2022. As part of this competition, entrants can win a two-day trip for two to New York City and access to Leslie Jordan’s tour. To enter the competition, GetYourGuide’s Instagram followers will need to comment on the competition post and share one of the places that they think Jordan must stop on his tour. They will also need to tag who they would like to bring on the tour with them. A winner will be announced by GetYourGuide on Friday, July 22, 2022.

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