Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The Joan Mitchell Foundation has named twenty-three artists who will be participating in the organization’s artist-in-residence program at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans. Five New Orleans–based artists—Jose Cotto, Josiah Gagosian, Gabrielle Garcia Steib, Karla Rosas, and Summer White—were selected for this year’s residencies: They will join eighteen artists from across the nation who were chosen for the program over the past two years. These artists’ participation was necessarily deferred owing to the Covid-19 crisis, which in spring of 2020 temporarily halted in-person residencies at the center. The residencies will span two sessions: spring-summer, from May 16 to July 29, and fall-winter, from September 6 to February 23 of next year.

The arrival of artists taking part in the spring-summer session marks the first return to campus of artists from outside New Orleans since the advent of the pandemic. Beginning in September 2020, the center hosted only local artists-in-residence, welcoming fifty of these in the ensuing twenty months.

Participants in the residency program receive private studio space on campus, support from on-site studio assistants, a $600 monthly stipend, and prepared meals. Those arriving from outside New Orleans are awarded campus housing and receive funding for the transport of materials and artworks. Available to all participants are numerous public programs and professional development sessions, all geared toward providing opportunities for network-building, community dialogue, and peer and professional feedback from peers and other arts professionals.

A full list of participants is below.

Sarah Amos, Enosburg Falls, VT 

Scott Andresen, New Orleans

Cindy Cheng, Baltimore

Yanira Collado, MiamiJose Cotto, New Orleans

Lauren Davies, Cleveland

Josiah Gagosian, New Orleans

Gabrielle Garcia Steib, New Orleans

Kasimu Harris, New Orleans

Elana Herzog, New York

Sedrick Huckaby, Fort Worth

Lisa Jarrett, Portland, OR

Yashua Klos, Brooklyn, NY

Rose Nestler, Brooklyn, NY

Juan Carlos Quintana, Oakland, CA

Julia Rooney, New Haven and New York

Karla Rosas, New Orleans

Rebecca Rose, Davenport, FL

Elizabeth Simonson, Minneapolis

Stephanie Syjuco, Oakland, CA

José Villalobos, San Antonio

Summer White, New Orleans

Antoine Williams, Greensboro, NC


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