Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

A tourism initiative in Italy is encouraging visitors to kiss at panoramic points around the country.

Signposts have been installed at scenic spots reading “zona romantica” (romantic zone) and “obbligatorio baciarsi” (kissing is obligatory).

The latest viewpoint to be furnished with a sign is in the locality of Anacapri on the popular tourist island of Capri.

Despite the declaration that smooching is mandatory, there is no fine for disobeying.

Where can you find Italy’s ‘kissing is obligatory’ signs?

The sign in Anacapri has been erected at the breathtaking Belvedere del Sognatore (Dreamer’s Viewpoint) with a vista over the glittering Mediterranean sea.

Visitors can reach the lookout via a set of steps carved into the rock near the Punta Carena lighthouse.

The historic town of Trentinara in Campania is also participating in the initiative. Their notice features an image of two lovers exchanging a kiss.

The sweethearts are two characters from the Italian story Saúl and Isabella, dubbed the “Romeo and Juliet of the Cilento coast.”

Saúl is a brigand while Isabella is a noblewoman, and the tale tells of the couple’s struggle as their families oppose their union. The pair throw themselves off a cliff at the end of the tragic story.

There are also five designated romantic zones in the seaside town of Sperlonga Latina, lying on the coast between Rome and Naples.

The town has even opened a photo competition to bring attention to its kissing spots. Some of the locations have signs indicating the best places to take a picture or funny photo frames to stand behind.

Italy often introduces rules for tourists, although most aim to discourage certain behavior. Sorrento, near the Amalfi Coast, has imposed fines for wearing swimming costumes around the town, while Venice will bring in an entry fee from next year.

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