Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The summer season is in full gear and record temperatures are already being seen across the country. As the temperature rises, we all reach to turn on our favorite summertime appliance—the air conditioner. The folks at Windmill have created an environmentally-friendly air conditioner with numerous perks, and have just introduced an innovative program that helps New York City residents save tens of thousands of kilowatts of energy.

The Windmill AC was developed with an energy conscious design. Windmill uses a refrigerant called R32 that has 30% less global warming potential than the more commonly used refrigerants. To lessen refrigerant pollution and reduce waste, Windmill offers customers a recycling directory for safely disposing of their old AC unit. And my favorite offering—the company offsets carbon emissions of each until sold through a forest carbon project.

Regardless, running an air conditioner uses a lot of energy. The number of summer days with temperatures above 90 degrees in New York City is expected to triple in the next 3o years. When the temperature soars, peaker power plants are activated and they tend to produce much more pollution. Peaker plants in New York City emit 20 times more nitrogen oxides and 2 times more carbon dioxide than regular power plants. And these peaker plants tend to be located in lower income sections of the city, where asthma and other respiratory diseases are more prevalent.

To combat the issue of higher usage and more pollution during heatwaves, Windmill had just introduced a new program called Eco Rewards. Eco Rewards is a demand response program and customers who sign up agree to allow Windmill to remotely increase their AC thermostat by just a few degrees. Most users will not notice the slight increase in temperature, although they can decide to be notified. However, by decreasing energy usage during those demand surges, customer can help keep polluting plants offline. If all ACs in NYC were part of it, we would be able to retire 75% of the dirty peaker power plants in the city, which would save more than $100 million per year in energy costs alone. If you need another incentive, Eco Rewards users get paid for participating in Eco Rewards Events and can earn cash back or discounts on new purchases.

While the environmental benefits are a major motivator for many, it is also good to know that the Windmill AC is highly rated by users (70% of Amazon purchasers give it a 5 star rating) and has many advantages. The air conditoners are sleekly designed and are relatively quiet. The machine’s double filtration system provides cleaner, healthier air. This smart device can be controlled through its app and can be used with Alexa and Google Home. And customers will appreciate the relatively easy installation instructions. But if you want help from a pro, Windmill can direct you to their nationwide team of TaskRabbit AC experts.

Summertime forces us to focus on issues of global warming. Now your air conditioner can help your home be part of the solution.

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