Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Samuel Waxman is much more than an M.D., he is the CEO and founder of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a gala at Cipriani Wall Street.

Alongside his niece Michael Nierenberg, who is the chairman of the board of the foundation, the glitzy evening was attended by high society, fashionistas and Wall Street types who filled the cavernous gala space. Travel, culinary and contemporary art delicacies were auctioned off before a performance by MT. JOY. By the end of the night, they raised over $6 million for cancer research.

The emcee, CBS news anchor Chris Wragge welcomed over 700 guests, while highlighting the achievements of the foundation’s storied history, including how Dr. Waxman helped find a cure for the rare promyelocytic leukemia , which now has a 95% survival rate.

Waxman received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to cancer research at the gala.

In a speech, Waxman explained his motives: “I’m doing everything I can to bring notice to fighting cancer and bring scientists together, as the foundation has been working with other foundations and medical centers,” he said.

“We want to get ahead of this curve, we want to flatten it. Stay with the foundation. It has been 50 years since I have been a physician,” he explained. “I have had the enormous satisfaction of being a physician, offering compassion to people in need. It’s priceless. Every case, every person was an honor for me to participate in their care.”

Nierenberg explained in an interview: “It’s been an amazing journey, we have a full house of family of friends who want to make a difference in philanthropy.”

“After 25 years, our work is not done,” said Nirenberg. “The only way we are going to make a difference is if we make a difference in each and everybody’s life that needs help.”

“We are celebrating the achievements and the work this foundation has done,” adds Nirenberg. “Over the years, we’ve had some really difficult speakers or videos showing people battling for their lives. The gratification—especially for the doctors who deal with the patients every day—are really the heroes.”

Notable attendees include SWCRF Board Chairman Michael Nierenberg, Founder and CEO Dr. Samuel Waxman, Gala Event Chairs, Spencer Waxman, Nicholas Santoro, Baron Silverstein, Marc Taub and Gala MC, Chris Wragge, Elin Nierenberg, Marion Waxman, Sandra Dugoff, Julie Waxman, Eliz Waxman.

Also in attendance was Jack Waxman, Sophia Bergan, Mario Pecoraro, Chris Arlotta, Mark D. Friedman, Jeremy Hoffman, Sara Waxman, Bettina Waxman, Scott Waxman, Bryan Griffin, Katya Tolstova, Olga Ferrara, William T. Sullivan, Erica Fineberg. Robin Lathrop, and musicians MT. JOY.

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