Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The coolest holiday gifts to style up travel aren’t hard to find as long as you know an artist or two. Think of your favorite works of art, or better yet, your favorite contemporary artists and you’ll find gifts that overlap of form and function.

From inexpensive and effortless to limited edition luxe, let this curated guide of creatively fun and entirely artsy bring cheer and style to your travels, and rock your upcoming art fairs.

PdiPigna The Italians notebook

For analog travelers who prefer to keep track of life in print, heritage Italian stationery brand PdiPigna teamed up with designer Olimpia Zagnoli for its Italians series of notebooks. Zagnoli inteprests the concept of “Made in Italy” with her portraits in bright colors and pop forms.

Boombox Card Deck

Playful, prolific and pop, American artist Tom Sach’s likes to play games. So why not with a deck of cards? Tapping the register, $25, Boombox is both economic and versatile- you can play cards and art watch. The casino-quality playing cards feature images of Sach’s boombox models and are a limited edition of 666.

Etta Loves x Keith Haring

Keep your baby wrapped and radiant with the Etta Loves x Keith Haring, a muslin baby blanket patterned in Haring’s iconic Radiant Baby figures. The flip side pattern is Haring’s multi-colored Brazil, with both sides scaled and colored (by an expert orthoptist) to enhance visual and cognitive development. Stylish and smarty-pants.

Tom Sachs x Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe GPS

For performance art on the go, take a peek at Sach’s sneaker collabs for Nikecraft. Since 2012, Sach has been designing sneakers for Nikecraft and in 2022, he launched the GPS as the most basic sneaker declaring “Your sneakers shouldn’t be the most exciting thing about you”. Funny thing is that along with being comfortable, the GPS are too cool to be norm core, especially with the artist-signed tags. To get your hands on a pair, stalk the SNKRS app for the latest launch.

Michael Armitage x Stella Jean sweater

Picture perfect. The ultimate travel combo is wearable art, especially when it teams up Italian fashion designer Stella Jean and British/Kenyan artist Michael Armitage. A limited edition of 450 pieces, each sweater is made of 100% cozy wool and all proceeds benefit Torino-based arts centre Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute.

Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case

Rimowa’s cult classic Pilot Case has been reimagined by artist Daniel Arsham as the ultimate luggage and archaeological find. The limited edition Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case is Arsham’s take on the iconic Pilot Case which became de facto DJ bag of the 1990s. His spin embeds a work of art- a eroding white plaster turntable. Travel with or without the spins.

Coming Soon: Kusama x LV

In 2023, you’ll be seeing spots, in particular Yayoi Kusama’s inimitable dots on her upcoming collab with Louis Vuitton. We got a sneak peek during Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2023 as a few of Kusama x LV bags sneaked on to the runway. Mark January 2023 for the collection’s launch o clothing and accessories, with the dotted bag as the year’s signature bag best for biennials and art fairs.


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