Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Even if they insist that spending quality time with you is the best gift they could ask for, pampering your grandparents with a meaningful present is a thoughtful way to express your love and appreciation for them.

Here’s a roundup of the best self-care gifts they’d actually want to use:

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket ($89.99+)

Getting adequate shut-eye is crucial for your physical and mental well-being. This heated blanket from Pure Enrichment is the ultimate self-care gift for the grandparent who tends to feel chilly. With 10 heating modes and an easy-to-use LCD controller, they can easily adjust the temperature settings with the click of a button. The electric blanket is available in four sizes—twin and full-sized blankets include one controller while the queen and king-sized ones come with two controllers with independent heat zones for customized heat settings for two people.

Apollo Wearable ($399)

Help them de-stress in style with this nifty wearable that uses non-invasive touch therapy to deliver smooth and gentle vibrations to facilitate natural states of calm, clarity, focus and relaxation. Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, the device features multiple modes that offer different vibration patterns. For example, gentle and soothing vibrations for calming and sleep modes whereas a more energetic sensation for social and focus programs. The mode intensity can be adjusted based on your need and environment. Each mode is like a silent soundtrack composed for your body, designed to influence the way you feel. The wearable comes in six different colors and three band sizes (small, medium and large).

Care Division Goodbye Pain Bundle ($60)

This hemp-infused bundle is an ideal gift for the CBD-curious grandparent. The duo includes a non-greasy cream formulated with CBD isolate and soothing botanical extracts to provide targeted relief from aches and pains along with a CBD tincture infused with black cumin seed oil for extra strength pain relief. Both products are made from pure CBD isolate and don’t contain THC.

Lifepro VibraCare Foot Massager ($179.99*)

All that pounding of pavements for holiday shopping and standing in the kitchen for hours whipping up holiday meals and treats can leave your feet tired, achy and sore. A relaxing foot massage with Lifepro’s soothing vibrating massager is just what the doctor ordered. Its wide, textured footpads stimulate pressure points to provide targeted pain relief. This would make for an especially thoughtful gift for the grandparent who has arthritis, neuropathy or plantar fasciitis. The remote-controlled device features nine preset massage modes and 30 manual massage speeds so you can adjust the intensity and duration of the massage based on your requirement. Plus, you can also use it to massage achy calves and legs by simply tilting the machine.

We Are Knitters Cable Crush Cardigan Advanced Knitting Kit ($99.60*)

Knitting has been shown to promote wellness by reducing stress and anxiety, improving creativity, fostering social connection and easing symptoms of chronic pain. This cute kit from We Are Knitters is the perfect gift for the grandparent who is into yarn crafts. Made from a merino and baby alpaca blend, the yarn is available in six beautiful shades including forest green, salmon pink and aquamarine.

RENPHO Eye Spa Pods ($89.99*)

This innovative eye massager is designed to banish puffiness, fatigue and dry eyes. The device features three cooling and heating modes that gently run around your eyes to stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. Gramps or nan can use it for a refreshing start to their morning or a relaxing end to a busy day.

TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Cap ($34.95*)

With soft, pillowy fabric that gently cushions pressure points, dual therapy technology and 360° coverage, this pain-relieving cap treats common tension, sinus, cluster and migraine headaches naturally. Simply pop it in the freezer or microwave and it’s ready to use. The stretchy material can also be pulled over the eyes to block out light to help with light sensitivity. In addition, the form-fitting material ensures that the cap stays in place without any straps or scratchy velcro.

Unbound Merino Long Sleeve+Sweatpant Bundle ($205)

If your grandad prefers lounging around the house and watching football over going out, he’ll appreciate this comfy loungewear combo made from super-soft and breathable merino wool. The bundle is available in multiple sizes and neutral shades.

Verilux HappyLight Luxe ($69.99)

Getting small doses of safe sun exposure can be beneficial for your overall health. But many of us don’t get the amount of bright light needed to reap its benefits, especially during the colder months. Verilux’s portable sun lamp helps tackle this issue by bringing daylight indoors. With 10,000 lux intensity, its bright, UV-free white light mimics sunlight. Plus, the adjustable color and temperature settings and countdown timer allow you to personalize your experience.

(* current price at the time of publishing)

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