Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

There is so much more to making tea than simply dunking a tea bag into hot water. Ask any tea connoisseur and they will tell you that tea-making is a kind of art. A meditative practice steeped in culture and tradition.

The right blend and accessories can transform the whole process into a sublime self-care ritual.

This holiday season, spoil your favorite tea person with these delightful gifts that will transform their next cuppa into an exquisite experience:

Deja Vu Gouda Antique Dutch Silver Teaspoons ($135.46)

This elegant 12-piece set of vintage silver teaspoons will add a touch of sophistication and flair to any tea ritual. Bet your friend won’t be able to wait to break out these bad boys at their next high tea party!

Leaves of Leisure The Four Seasons ($51*)

Regardless of the season, there’s something super relaxing about sitting down with a cup of tea. These certified organic herbal teas from Leaves of Leisure prove just that. The four caffeine-free brews included in the bundle are—Autumn Breeze (featuring spicy notes of cinnamon, ginger and pink peppercorns+sweetness of apples), Snow Angel (infused with ginger, peppermint leaves, rosehip and hibiscus), Picnic in the Park (made with antioxidant-rich senna leaves, apples, hibiscus, rosehip and pomegranate) and Sun Soaked (a refreshing blend of rosemary leaves, green mate leaves, hibiscus petals and rosehip).

(*current price at the time of publishing)

Jade Leaf Matcha Ceremony Set with Tin ($59.95)

Matcha fans will appreciate this traditional tea set that will help them make tea house-quality green tea at home. The kit includes a tin of ceremonial-grade matcha, a bamboo scoop, a stoneware matcha tea bowl, a bamboo whisk, a stoneware whisk holder and stainless steel tea sifter along with a step-by-step preparation guide.

Sips By 24-Day Holiday Tea Advent Calendar ($150)

This advent calendar features 24 delicious assorted teas spanning a wide variety of brands, tea types and flavors that are sure to delight your favorite tea person. Each loose-leaf tea comes in enough quantity to make one pot of tea (four servings). And the best part? The advent calendar can be folded into a tea travel clutch so you can easily take it with you wherever you wish to celebrate.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Superfood Honey ($39.99)

Honey is to tea what peanut butter is to jelly. This sustainably-sourced honey is infused with royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis for immune support, improved energy levels and enhanced cognitive function—making it the perfect option for your tea-loving friend for sweetening their favorite brews.

HenBitArt Handcrafted Tea Box ($75-$95)

These stunning handmade tea boxes are perfect for the tea connoisseur who also loves to organize. Made of solid acacia wood, each box features a hinged top and five spacious compartments to stash their ever-growing collection of brews. Custom colors available.

Secret Cottage Studio Tea of Hearts Bracelet ($72)

Eco-conscious tea drinkers will love this beautiful piece of jewelry made from repurposed vintage teacups, plates and saucers. You can also customize these handcrafted bracelets by mailing the heirloom pieces you’d like to upcycle to the studio.

Royal Selangor Pewter Cloud Teapot ($580)

Make tea time an experience fit for royalty with this gorgeous hand-finished pewter teapot that’s guaranteed to add a dose of decadence to your tea-making ritual.

Art of Tea Earl Grey Créme Candle ($27)

Earl Grey fans can elevate their #selfcaresunday experience by lighting this luxurious scented candle that smells exactly like a freshly brewed cup of their favorite blend. The non-toxic candle is made from coconut wax for better burn quality and scent throw.

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