Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

For anyone with a fur baby, the holidays don’t just mean gifts for humans. After all, dogs, cats, and other animal companions become part of the family and it’s a joyful experience to watch them enjoy something new on Christmas morning—or in honor of any other gift-giving holidays you might celebrate. If you’re like many animal lovers, you might even have a stocking for your pet hanging on your mantle. And, while chew toys and edible treats make for exciting pet gifts, there’s a whole world of luxury pet accessories out there for both you and your fur baby to enjoy. Here are some of the best luxury pet accessories for the 2022 holiday season.

Nobu Reversible Jacket with Scarf by laēlap, $89

For cold weather pooches, or simply dogs who get cold, this Nobu Reversible Jacket with Scarf by laēlap isn’t just adorable, it’s also functional. The insulated sleeveless design will keep dogs both warm and mobile with the added bonus of being both water resistant and windproof. Moreover, it’s made sustainably from plastic bottles and features a cute pom scarf for added style points.

8” Copper Bowl by Wolf Republic, $88

This 8” Copper Bowl by Wolf Republic is handmade from 100% copper in India. While it’s gorgeous, it also helps to keep water fresh for longer periods of time, which will be appreciated by any picky pets and their owners. Many reviews share otherwise reluctant dogs are happy to drink from this beautiful bowl, which also comes in a 6” size for $68.

Ranger Pack by Wolf Republic, $96

Available in four sizes, this Ranger Pack by Wolf Republic is perfect for hiking and camping trips–or dogs who need to feel like they’re doing a job on their daily walks. Designed for dog comfort, the pack features padding and breathable mesh and makes it easy for dogs to carry their own water, food, and cleanup bags while away from home. And, the stylish design is sure to win compliments when out and about.

Mau Lifestyle Ivy Cat Tree, White, Large, $389

Who said cat towers had to all look the same? This Mau Lifestyle Ivy Cat Tree is stylish and features four nests for your feline friends to lounge and play. The pom poms also make a fun touch and are sure to encourage some funny cat antics.

Enchanted Home Pet Harrison Dog Sofa, Pebble Brown, Large, $599.99

If a regular dog bed just won’t do in your living space, try this Enchanted Home Pet Harrison Dog Sofa. Made for dogs up to 100 pounds, this pet sofa is made from faux leather that wipes clean and provides a durable yet comfortable resting space for your canine companions.

Frisco Elevated Art Deco Dog & Cat Sofa Bed with Removable Cover, $174.99

Maybe this Frisco Elevated Art Deco Dog & Cat Sofa Bed with Removable Cover is more your style. With a washable cover, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to keep this sofa bed clean for your pets. And, the emerald green color is dazzling.

iFetch iDig Stay Dog Toy, $99.99

For dogs who need help keeping busy (and out of trouble!), this iFetch iDig Stay Dog Toy lets dogs dig to find treats. The toy features pockets where treats and toys can be hidden, giving dogs an outlet for both mental and physical energy. As with all dog toys, customer satisfaction seems to depend on the strength and determination of the dog—many reviewers are happy with the toy, while some complain their dog destroyed it too quickly.

Bundle: Frisco Scratcher & Lounge Oblique with Catnip, White + Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy, $70.98

For a happy cat, this Bundle: Frisco Scratcher & Lounge Oblique with Catnip, White + Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy is sure to provide hours of fun. Both items feature catnip to get cats interested. While the scratcher will encourage your cat to focus her clawing attention on something other than your sofa, the banana cat toy will give her something to attack afterward. Just have your camera ready.

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