Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Marking the brand’s first step in its global expansion plan, Hill House Home has now officially launched in the UK. With domestic orders fulfilled directly from the new warehouse located in Essex, England, UK consumers will now experience the same level of service as those in the US, with quicker shipping and returns and no added costs of taxes and duties.

Speaking of why she chose the UK as Hill House Home’s first launch outside of the US, Diamond says: “I was born in London and spent almost all of my childhood there, so launching in the UK is important to me because it’s my home. Growing up in the UK informed so much of my aesthetic.”

Diamond also credits the culture and quintessentially English style as a fundamental part of the brand she started nearly 7 years ago. “So much of how I think about great consumer brands comes from being a consumer on the High Street in my early teens in England, and in the heyday of Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Growing up, I flexed my creative muscles through the clothing I bought on the high street, and it has always been a dream since day one to launch here.”

Having started as a brand that mainly offered homeware and beddings upon its launch in 2016, Hill House now offers an extensive range of products covering apparel, shoes, bath, baby, bridal and accessories, not to mention the beloved Nap Dress® that went viral during the pandemic. But the brand’s ascend to success was far from speedy, says Diamond.

“Hill House grew very slowly for the first couple of years, and in hindsight it is one of the best decisions I made,” Diamond recalls. “But I’d be lying if I said it was a strategy.”

Despite her shiny résumé (Diamond graduated from the Yale School of Management with an MBA and left her job in finance for the Hill House entrepreneurial venture), Diamond admits there were many times she felt inadequate that the brand weren’t growing quickly enough, especially when other brands with big funding rounds were growing at a crazy pace — “it was difficult to not compare their growth to our own,” says Diamond candidly.

But she knew, back then, they still had a lot to figure out. “We spent a lot of time determining product market fit, listening to our customers, trying to understand who our customer is, and how we could make their lives easier. Regardless of how well prepared I felt after business school, nothing compared to letting the brand out into the world and allowing customers to react to it and influence its development.”

“I was in customer service, social media, finance, operations — I did every job and sat in every seat. I was very young when I started Hill House and hadn’t had deep corporate experience, so working across every department gave me incredible insight into how the business should run, which helps me be a better CEO.” Now Diamond spends the majority of her time in the marketing world, with both paid or organic marketing, and in the design and product development fields.

It’s not hard to see the charm of Hill House’s products — with a design-centric approach, the brand offers timeless, feminine styles through quality products designed to enhance and celebrate life, all at an affordable price point. With the brand’s most recent drop launching on the new UK site featuring 50 pieces — 18 being new silhouette — there are plenty options to keep today’s informed customers satisfied.

Sitting pretty in the suite at Claridge’s where she hosted buyers and press, Diamond is a vision in her Matilda dress from the new collection. “My favorite dress this season has been the Seraphina Dress. It is made with a thicker cotton sateen, and feels like the perfect combination of comfortable and formal that you could wear to a wedding but also dance the night away all night.”

Sensing the question has been asked countless times but couldn’t resist, I query: “So who is the Hill House girl?”

“I’ve always believed there isn’t just one way to be a Hill House girl, there are many. In many ways, that’s a metaphor for what it is to be a woman in the world. Some days I wake up and I am excited to look like I stepped off a prairie field and am churning butter, and some days I want to wear all black and feel confident walking into a board room or walking down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I like to preserve the right to keep all of those options in my repertoire, and I think the Hill House aesthetic definitely feeds that too. I love that our customers have shown that they love that versatility too. It allows people to make the aesthetic really their own.”

With a customer-led approach, Diamond brings a fresh and accessible perspective to her time-honored categories of products. And her future plans for the business? “I would allow our customers to experience the brand in person more. I wish we had more opportunities for people to try on our clothing and see it up close so they could touch and feel what makes Hill House so special,” Diamond says: “We currently have three retail stores in America, but are excitedly working on new ways to bring our product to our customers in person.”

Hill House Home’s products are now available both on www.hillhousehome.com as well as www.hillhousehome.co.uk.

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