Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Visitors arriving in Honolulu via Hawaiian Airlines should prepare for extended wait times at baggage claim, with checked luggage taking longer than usual to reach the baggage belt.

The delay has been recognized and self-admitted by Hawaiian Airlines. At baggage claim, an announcement comes on every few minutes to explain that staffing issues are the reason for the delay, and to expect to wait an average of 45 minutes for your bag.

In speaking with airport personnel and professional drivers who frequent the airport for pickups, many passengers are waiting even longer for their bags.

“Yesterday, a client landed at 10, and we didn’t leave the airport until after 12 because of the baggage delay,” one driver explained.

Even before the majority of airlines started charging for checked luggage in 2008, putting your bag underneath the plane always came with drawbacks.

There’s the chance it can get lost, of course, but it mostly has to do with the extra wait time needed to collect it upon landing. While an extra 15-20 minutes is no big deal, major delays – especially after a long flight – are what many people have come to loathe about modern-day travel.

If traveling to Honolulu via Hawaiian Airlines this upcoming holiday season, be sure to pack some patience. It’s not guaranteed that your bag will take that long to reach you – some passengers we spoke with received their bags in less than 45 minutes – but it is possible that you will experience a delay, especially if arriving at a busy hour alongside other flights.

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