Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

GetHarley, the pioneering digital platform inspired by London’s prestigious Harley Street, has just launched new consulting categories that further enhance its personalized service offerings addressing top skin concerns — just in time for your skin to glow this summer.

Having been operational since 2019, the platform has gathered tremendous momentum in industry recognition as well as consumer base, catering to international demand by linking patients with renowned clinicians for professional online skin consultations and subsequently facilitating access to medical grade products and treatments tailored to individual needs. A true one stop shop for all your skincare needs.

How It Works

The patient may choose a 30 minute session with either a clinician from GetHarley’s network of aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons for £40 or with a consultant dermatologist for £150 — both at a fraction of the cost for an in-clinic visit, not to mention savings on time and travel. The professionals will assess the patient’s skin via video conference call (makeup free pictures are also required prior to the session) and prescribe a bespoke skincare routine focusing on the specific concerns as diagnosed. Subsequently the patient will be provided with a list of medical grade products to choose and purchase from, usually delivered within a couple working days (international shipping outside the UK could take a few working days longer).

GetHarley’s New Consultation Categories

With a clinician community to over 500 aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists across the country, new patients with no in-depth knowledge about the aesthetic medical industry might not know where to start to identify just the right clinician. Now offering 5 new categories — General Healthy Aging, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding; Bridal Preparations, Menopause & Hormonal Changes, Severe Skin Conditions — each addressing unique skincare concerns or goals, GetHarley is able to fine tune its online service even further so patients can be matched with clinicians with the exact specialism in achieving what they want.

Speaking on Menopause & Hormonal Changes category specifically, Dr Sophie Shotter says: “The skin changes a huge amount throughout our hormonal cycles. Month in, month out women notice significant shifts in their skin if they’re paying attention! But as we approach perimenopause we often notice rapid and problematic skin changes.” An experienced aesthetic doctor based on Harley Street with her own clinic in Kent, Dr Shotter has seen many clients with similar concerns. “Be that rapidly accelerated ageing, rosacea or acne, it’s a time of our lives when many of us need a regroup on our skin regimes. We can tailor make programs suitable for your skin concerns, taking into account the underlying causes wherever possible.”

Charmaine Chow, founder and currently CEO of GetHarley, agrees: “Consumers often come to us to tap into our clinician community for a life event or because something has changed in their lives.” Chow continues: “We want it to be clear from the moment they land on our website, that we can support them with consultations with a skin specialist, whatever their need or concern. We also wanted to offer a premium service, for those who really need specialist, dermatology care for severe or medical skin conditions.”

You can now book an online consultation session at

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