Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

The Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council wants visitors and locals to find out which of the area’s brave women they can relate to—and find out more about its past and present trailblazers.

In promoting the region’s women’s history and women entrepreneurship, the council recently has created an online quiz called “Which Brave Woman Are You?”

The quiz is part of “Brave Women FLX,” a campaign launched in 2020 to commemorate the centenary of the 19th U.S. Constitution amendment, which prohibits denying the right to vote based on gender.

The campaign not only tells of New York State destination’s history with women’s rights and entrepreneurship and civil rights through trail blazers but also highlights the Finger Lakes women business owners of today who are making names for themselves as well.

“Brave Women FLX” also aims to drive visitation to the region during the winter months, as this time is often a shoulder season for this part of New York.

“The Finger Lakes region is the epicenter of the women’s rights movement,” said Karen Kuhl, executive director at the Cayuga County CVB. “The ‘Brave Women FLX’ campaign encourages you to visit the region to learn about the Brave Women who started brave movements, and while you’re here support women owned businesses.”

“Brave Women FLX” is also a women’s endeavor with its artwork created by New York artist Kirsten Ulve. The brand and its messaging was spearheaded by Three Needs Creative, a women-owned marketing agency, and promoted by the also women-owned public relations firm, Break The Ice Media.

“This is a campaign of passion who speaks to passionate visitors, who want to travel to have a good time, but also travel with a purpose and do some good while they’re doing it,” said Kuhl.

According to Kuhl, the “Which Brave Woman Are You?” quiz came about as a fun way for users to feel connected to nine brave women who have various links to the Finger Lakes and made significant accomplishments within their time.

The featured women include abolitionist Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in America to receive a medical degree; Jikonsaseh, who helped to unite the original five nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy; and suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

“After brainstorming the questions and answers, our team ran them past historical experts who know these brave women best,” said Kuhl. “Although it is meant to be a fun, lighthearted quiz, we appreciate being able to add some authenticity to the results.

To take the quiz, first register your name and email. The quiz consists of eight questions asking you to select one of four responses on subjects such as taking risks, causes close to your heart, and choosing a super power for yourself. Once all the questions are completed, a portrait of your best matching trailblazing woman is revealed.

According to Kuhl, users are encouraged to visit the landing page dedicated to their kindred spirit, where they’ll find historical sites relating to their brave woman. Additionally, they can read about women-owned small businesses currently within the Finger Lakes who share the same kindred spirit as their trailblazing predecessors. They represent women-owned breweries, wineries, boutique shops and accommodations.

“We’re hoping quiz takers will feel inspired by their results to visit the Finger Lakes, walk in the footsteps of their brave woman to the historic stops that tell her story, and visit women-owned small businesses that share the same kindred spirit,” said Kuhl.

Learn more about the campaign here. Take the “Which Brave Woman Are You?” quiz here.

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