Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

It is one of the most exciting time in a person’s life when ‘dad duties’ become a reality. So if you’re seeking to making this Father’s Day extra special, why not give the gift of technology? I know from personal experience that my husband (or as baby calls him, ’Dada’) was positively giddy when our daughter entered this world, and being able to bolster our care for her with the aid of technology just alleviated so much anxiety and concerns for wellbeing. If you are your loved ones are seeking the same state-of-mind, here are some of the top tech picks to give dad this Father’s Day:

Yoto Play

If you’re a parent who is concerned about your kids getting too much screen time, consider, Yoto – an award winning screen-free audio toy and platform for kids and one of the cutest cube shaped tech devices on the market. It’s a portable unit with a library of electric ‘book/music’ cards whose extensive audio platform introduces littles into the world of stories, songs, educational activities, sound effects, podcasts, radio, and more. Founders Ben Drury and Filip Denker explain that they were inspired by Montessori principles to create a screen-free audio device that kids could safely control themselves – or with the help of mom and dad. Parents can control the unit itself or via a convenient downloadable app on your smartphone. The best part is that you can play Yoto on your smart device or the Yoto player. Purchase HERE.

Nanit Pro Camera

This baby monitor isn’t just a baby monitor, it’s truly a parenting gamechanger. As founder Tor Ivry, Chief Technology Office & Co-Founder, explains “it’s the only baby monitoring solution that connects parents to their baby’s health and well-being, in real-time right from their phone.” In fact, the AI-powered Nanit Pro camera sees everything happening in and around the crib using its overhead HD camera with day and night vision. For peace of mind, parents are notified (via their smartphone) with real-time alerts, breathing motion monitoring, height measurements, sleep tracking and analysis, and even unique memories that can’t be captured elsewhere – in other words, no more guessing and worrying! A Nanit Pro bundle builder is your best bet; along with the camera, you can opt for a wall mount or floor stand, comprehensive insights plan (which includes sleep tips, history, video clips, and more), travel case, breathing wear, sleeping gear and more. Purchase HERE.

Ultimate Ears (UE FITS)

Between diaper changes and feedings, dad will need a little recovery time to himself and oftentimes music is a soothing form of self-care. However, if dad is contending with ill-fitted earbuds falling out all the time, then consider gifting him UE FITS, custom-fit earbuds that conform to the contours of your ears. Simply activate the unit and within 60 seconds, the buds mold to your ear shape – all thanks to their patented light form technology. With superior noise isolation and premium dynamic drivers for high quality sounds, you’ll never miss a beat. Comes in three colors. Purchase HERE.


Being a new parent means you have a worry about a million plus things – capturing images shouldn’t be one of them. Instead of feeling the need to always be on standby with your smartphone, with Pixsee, you never miss a special milestone or wonderful everyday moment. This cute critter shaped device is not only an AI smart baby monitor (with features such as area detection, temperature monitor, covered face detection, soothing music, cry decoder, and more), but also automatically captures images. As a result, dad will love that a digital visual keepsake will be created for him, safely stored in a cloud solution (via an advanced security cryptoprocessor), and can be enjoyed for years to come. Purchase HERE.

SideTrak Solo Touch Pro HD

This 15.8” freestanding touchscreen monitor is perfect for dads working from home (and while caring for baby); it’s an ideal way to add a second screen with ease. Its versatility will prove exceptionally valuable as you work on one screen and stream baby monitor stats/visuals on the other, for instance. For leisure time (such as gaming), the monitor also offers HDR and FreeSync streaming experience, is lightweight, slim and durable (ideal for family trips and dads-on-the-go). Purchase HERE.

Wi-Fi® Connected Roomba® j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

For new dads, the Roomba j7+ will be their secret weapon to keeping their home spotless, and more importantly, safe and clean for baby to play in. In addition to providing a superior cleaning performance, its ‘Precision Vision Navigation’ and robot mapping – is able to detect and avoid obstacles (e.g. chairs, table legs, etc). With every use, its AI gets smarter and provides a more personalized cleaning experience. Best of all, the unit can self-empty waste for up to 60 days, thus capturing and trapping 99% of pollen and mold: peace-of-mind for you and your family. Purchase HERE.

LectroFan Evo Sound Machine

With a baby, sleep (whenever possible) will be the greatest gift of all. Whether it’s a power nap or generally catching up on some much needed Zzzzs, a sound machine will help lull him into the deepest of slumbers. The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine is a complete unit offering a bevy of dynamic sounds that include 2 types of ocean waves, white/pink/brown noises, and 10 different fan noises. The constant and soothing tones will help block out disruptive noises. Also useful: a timer for sound control (especially when you’re tag teaming duties with your spouse). There’s also a headphone connector (useful for smaller spaces) and portable speaker if you want to fill your environment with peace and calm. LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine is available in black or white. Purchase HERE.

Therabody Theragun PRO

​Visits to the massage therapist will likely be on a temporary hiatus while caring for a tiny human. Fortunately, there’s this pro-athlete approved (e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan) massager with smart percussive and rhythmic/vibration therapy which can help target key sore areas; it is purported to get deep into the muscle tissue to alleviate pains and strains, thanks to “QuietForce Technology, which quietly delivers up to 60 lbs. of no-stall force. And with Active Torque Control™, the PRO maintains all that power without diluting treatment speed or quality,” explains Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason Wersland. Purchase HERE.

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