Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

We all know of Elie Saab’s magnificent Haute Couture and ready-to-wear designs, but his interior design pieces, and, perfumes are just as noteworthy and luxurious as his fashion collection. Girl of Now, which recently launched is quintessentially feminine in all its notes, yet bold in its delivery.

“Like Haute Couture, perfume is the theater of dreams,” says Mr. Saab. Some bottles are different than others in color. The 30ml bottle of Eau de Parfum is housed in a clear vaporisateur (the French word for sprayer as opposed to a rollerball) bottle with pink liquid- with some bottles having coral pink petals or aniseed green petals circling around the top of the bottle, and a cylinder gold top.

Top notes include an influence of nature like mandarin, mint, blackcurrant buds, camphoric rosemary, pear and galbanum. Heart notes include a floral element from the Ormond Flower- created by the perfumers- from Milk orange blossom, rose, frangipani flowers, aniseed, and background notes include warm and lively patchouli, amber, ambergris notes, and Tonka which agree well with the skin. It’s very much a spring and summer fragrance that works for all female ages, but suits more of a younger crowd.

“It’s a fragrance that is a joyful, colorful new chapter in the history of the House, celebrating epicurean, dazzling youth,” notes the house. The woman who wears Girl of Now Lovely takes a big bite out of life at every instant. She’s sophisticated in her style, and “the aerial lightness of her frilly aniseed-green dress whisks you away on a modern, floral escapade.”

Sophie Labbé and Dominique Ropion, are the creators behind the fragrance. The two incorporated elements of Lebanon in the fragrance, which is important to Mr. Saab. “Girl of New Lovely has that classic je-ne-sais-quoi although sparkling with elements of youth,” says Ropion.

The fragrance comes in three sizes. The 30 mL bottle is $60, the 50 mL bottle is $91, and the 90 mL bottle is $118.

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