Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Creative types are inspired by their surroundings, and New York’s tonsorial artists are no exception. In order to keep their looks fresh, they need to recharge away from their hectic urban surroundings. We caught up with some of the city’s most talented hairdressers to see what destinations inspire them, and what their visions are for summer.

Sally Hershberger

The queen of shags has worked with everyone from Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, to Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise. Sally famously created Meg Ryan’s adorable choppy coif, conceived Miley Cyrus’ statement mullet, and spiffed up the Bidens and Hillary Clinton for the cover of Vogue. “Hillary had a full bob with a headband that was a little teased,’’ remembers Hershberger. “I pushed it back and made it more fashion forward and contemporary. I can look at any woman or man and know what looks best for them in a cool way.

Favorite look for summer?

“I really like the loose, grown out, textured bob that Kaia Gerber has; there is an easy bend in it.’’

What destination inspires your work?

“Water is medicine for me, so my house in East Hampton, with the colors and beauty all around clears my head and rejuvenates me. I meditate there, take walks with my dogs and can look at magazines and photos online in a chilled manner. It allows me space for new ideas to enter.’’

Paul Labrecque

With salons in New York’s tony Core Club, Palm Beach and Philadelphia, Labrecque, styles a wide range of chic women, including Hollywood studio heads and actresses (Renee Zellweger was famously a devotee). “I was in London at the height of the punk era and we liked to make hair rise back then,’’ he recalls. “I learned a lot about structure and pigment.’’ But now, he prefers subtle chic, explaining, “My clients wear my hair; my hair doesn’t wear them. I take them on a journey of cut and color when they stay with me, and that keeps them current.’’

Favorite look for summer?

“I like a shaggy, layered bob with frayed edges.’’

Inspiration destination?

“I always loved London and still do. I believe expensive fashion and trends start on the street, so I look there and interpret what I see in my work. Puerto Rico is another creative source of mine. I like to sit on the rocks that surround The Ritz Carlton, sip a pina colada and look at the fabulous beach fashion that inspires me to create free moving hair.”


NY Yankees, Victoria’s Secrets mega models, American Ballet Theater stars, and Hollywood actresses have all turned to the famed Japanese stylist for flattering cuts. He is currently working out of the Mia Wagner Salon in midtown. “When I do hair, I don’t just think about someone’s physical, external appearance; I consider every client’s personality and lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important for me to get to know the person a little bit before doing their hair,’’ he says.

Favorite look for summer?

“I like a layered bob that comes off as sexy and elegant.’’

Inspiration destination:

“The next spot on my list is Kenroku-en in Kanazawa, Japan. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The textures, shapes, and colors in that garden are just so sophisticated and beautiful. The natural beauty that you can find in nature is just unmatched to any man-made thing you can find anywhere.’’


Cutting edge women including Broadway bigs and young actresses flock to Adi for precision cuts as well as rich color. “I make sure it will look good even if someone does nothing but wash it and let it go,’’ he promises.

Favorite look for summer:

“Right now I am loving something just below the shoulders that is layered around the face for framing. It looks natural and allows people to get away with facial imperfections. A lot of my clients also went to a more sandy color, which looks warmer on Zoom.’’

Inspiration Destination:

“I like Vieques so much that I got a house there. It’s very untouched with natural coves, and trails that take you to undiscovered beaches.’’

Sharon Dorram

Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Christie Brinkley are just a few of the celebrities who turn to Dorram for her natural, youth-restoring color.

Favorite look for summer:

“A beautiful blend of natural brunette and blonde highlights with a shadow root is the perfect spring color. I love to add a subtle money piece to brighten up the face and add extra personality to the hair.”

Inspiration Destination:

“I love the bohemian, artistic, free-styled look in Rome, that expresses personality while looking effortless. I especially enjoy seeing stunning works such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne and Raphael’s frescoes. When I’m visiting, I love to have dinner at Pierluigi – you never know who you’re going to see. For drinks, Hortus Bar is a favorite of mine. It’s set in a lush, hidden garden, so it’s the perfect place to relax on a warm Italian evening. I also get ideas watching the sunrise in Cabo – the the shades of the sky are exquisite, and being by the water in Lake Como.’’

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