Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Cosme, A Luxury Collection Resort, is a love letter to Greek architecture and culture. Located on the beautiful island of Paros, this newly opened property was built to look like a whitewashed Greek village overlooking the sea. Meandering pathways lead to Cosme’s 40 suites which feature balconies and outside living spaces for guests to enjoy indoor outdoor living. Located a short walk from the town of Naoussa, Cosme has the privacy of a standalone property with the convenience of restaurants and bars just a few minutes away.

Every corner of this property is thoughtfully appointed, here are some design features that make it so unique.

Half-Moon Pool and Beach Area

Guests flock from all over the world to enjoy the Aegean sea and Cosme’s design strategically highlights the beautiful bay of Naoussa on which the hotel is located. The pool is built into a half-moon shape overlooking the sea, where its infinity shape blends with the vastness of the sea in array of blues. Here guests can lounge during the day to swim or have lunch, and in the evening take the stairs to the beachside restaurant Parostià. With its beachy location, the restaurant of course features an array of seafood — ceviches, lobster pasta, bottarga pasts and a catch of the day. If you’re not a seafood person there are also a variety of meat cuts to choose from. Chef Yiannis Kioroglou describes his cuisine as ‘Medite-grecian’ reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Paros, Greece and the Mediterranean.

Town Square

While walking to your room you’ll come across a fountain with trees surrounding it resembling a small town square, a beautiful microcosm of a village within the hotel. Come here to lounge or take photos while the sun sets and the rays sparkle in the fountain. Just adjacent of it you’ll find a boutique featuring clothing, accessories and cosmetics. The small beaded bags are particularly beautiful and if you forgot a bathing suit, you can easily find one here.

Stargazing Deck

Head to the highest point of the hotel (a set of stairs by the wellness hub will take you there) to check out Cosme’s stargazing deck. Offering a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, you can come here day or night to enjoy the vista. This space will also offer yoga and meditation to truly connect with your body and mind. If you’re looking for a little more rigorous exercise the gym below the stargazing deck has an array of exercise machines and weight area. The gym is built in a circular shape giving guests more privacy than other gyms not built in this unique format.

Local Artistry

The property dazzles with its whitewashed design and clean lines but if you look closely you’ll also see the work of Greek artists such as Margarita Myrogianni, Naked Summers, and Terpsichori seen throughout the hotel.

Taste of Greece

After a day on the beach or exploring Naoussa you’ll come back to your room to find little local delicacies in your room. Enjoy some marinated artichokes, olives and bread, and a sip of ouzo while you relax in your room. Watch as the sun goes down from your balcony while enjoying the Paros breeze.

With its beachside location near Naoussa, Cosme is the perfect launchpoint to get to know Paros or just spend sunny days poolside.

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