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And the house shows it’s continued ethos to sustainability

If you were in Cannes during the film festival last month, you would have seen Chopard just about everywhere. One of the official partners of the festival since 1998, Chopard, which is also known as a renowned jewelry house is also respected for its beauty element: its perfumes.

For the brand’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele, a fragrance is personal, allowing people to express their individual personalities. She’s the muse behind the newest scents: Santal Odeyar, Bois Nomades, and Patchouli de Sumatra. All three have joined Chopard with wood themes. “They are the embodiment of a vision, that of Caroline Scheufele. This vision is not projected on a white screen, but on the skin, on a cashmere jumper, in the hair or in the air around us, and everyone can tell the story in their own way,” shares the house in notes.

In an emerald green bottle is Santal Odeyar in its woody essence, yet florally and fruity upon first spray. Because sandalwood has become endangered in India, it was relocated to Australia in the 1990s. Its top notes of Bergamot from Calabria and Mandarin, both from Italy- and, Pear and Mango offer a unique hit to the nose. Orange Blossom from Tunisia and Morocco, Grandiflorum Jasmine Infusion for Egypt, Sambac Jasmine from India, and Damask Rose from Turkey make up the heart of the fragrance. The dry notes include White Sandalwood from Australia, Rockrose Absolute from Spain, and Benzoin gum from Siam.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas wanted to create a garden likened to Arabian Nights. Morillas also created Bois Nomades. “I decided to work with perfumers I knew – Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche – because, just as in my jewellery workshop, I surround myself with people who are dear to me,” says Scheufele.

Bois Nomades, known as the Garden of Kings comes in a sleek blue bottle. You notice is has a woody element but it’s unique to the other two scents. It’s its own and strong. Its woods are Moroccan Atlas cedar and Aquilaria (Agar) from Sylhet that comes from the northeast of Bangladesh, which also produces Oud. Damascus Rose from Turkey sits at the heart of the fragrance. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Black pepper from Asia, Hookah accord, and clove bud oil from Indonesia are the top notes. And Atlas cedarwood from Morocco, Oud Assafi, Frankincense from Somalia, Cypriol Nagarmoth from India, Myrrh from Ethiopia and Somalia, Opoponax from Somalia, and Styrax from Honduras make up the dry down notes. Its ingredients make up travelers of the past and they continents they passed through.

Patchouli de Sumatra, or the Garden of Tropics is housed in a royal blue bottle with gold top. Using Sumatran Patchouli from Indonesia, as it’s the best quality in the world. Its top notes include Bergamot of Calabria from Italy, Kaffir Lime and Patchouli from Indonesia. The heart notes include Sweet Orange oil from Brazil, Juniper Essence from the Balkans, Cardamom from Guatemala, Clary sage from France, Patchouli heart from Indonesia, and Geranium essence from Madagascar and Reunion.

These fragrances are in line with Chopard’s ethics of sustainability, which began in 2013. Opting to responsibly source materials, the house realized that genuine luxury has to be ethical and responsible. These values fall in line with its jewelry, where all gold is 100% ethical. “Since the launch of The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, we have been improving the sustainability performance of our production processes, building a responsible supply chain, and playing our part to catalyse positive change for the communities and people touched by our business and products,” says Scheufele.

Their commitment to remain ethical requires that they collaborate closely with Swiss Fragrance House Firmenich, not use artificial dyes in any fragrance, use FSC-Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper in packaging, and work with supply-chain partners.

Striving to be house and brand that produces top quality products with the aim of being ethical sums up Chopard. And these three new fragrances offer a unique touch of woody elements to a world where the west is used to florals and metals. Chopard is introducing women that may not be familiar with oud and Sandalwood to new notes and elements.

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