Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Fashion meets fragrance. Acqua di Parma, the famed 106-year-old Italian luxury cologne and perfume has partnered with forte_forte, an Italian women’s fashion brand found in the Italian region of Veneto, to create a special edition capsule collection. They’re calling this an “all-Italian love story.” This story celebrates one of Acqua di Parma’s loved fragrances Mirto di Panarea.

This capsule, “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma,” exudes spring colors with butterfly and dragonfly wings on the front of the bottle that represents new freedom and a sort of rebirth in a myriad of rainbow blooming flowers. The turquoise bottle with blue and lime green accenting brings life, as it was inspired by the aromas and colors of Aeolian Island, which are slightly north of Sicily. And, these colors are very reminiscent and seen throughout the Mediterranean.

“There are so many invisible threads that, as in a precious fabric, unite us to forte_ forte. An intimate, pure and timeless style combined with a genuine passion for Italian craftsmanship and the search for beauty as a source of emotions. an immediate and organic chemistry between us. “forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma” was born from a shared aim, transmitting the joy of a return to life and freedom, in contact with the vibrant nature of the Italian Mediterranean. These emotions are embodied by Mirto di Panarea, the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance that forte_forte interpreted with its poetic and delicate aesthetics,” shares Acqua di Parma in notes.

The fragrance in the collaboration, Mirto di Panarea comes in a 100ml bottle with lively notes of basil, sparkling citrus hues of lemon and bergamotto di Calabria. The heart notes include sea breeze with jasmine and rose, while the base notes have mastic and juniper, mixed with cedar and amber.

The candle is the liveliest of candles set in a colorful glass with the branded butterflies, flowers, and dragonflies. The packaging is set in a forte_forte box, which can be recycled. This falls in line with the sustainability codes. From the bottle to the recycled plastic cap, to the paper packaging, all is approved by FSC, the international certificate for responsible forest management worldwide.

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Acqua di Parma, an icon that, like us, is all Italian,” shares Giada Forte, Creative Director of forte_forte and founder of the brand, that she runs together with her brother Paolo. “When I design our creations, they come to new life and subtly transmit to the wearer their soul; it is an impalpable feeling, but it is also intense and exciting, the same feeling evoked by Acqua di Parma fragrances. Interpreting the bright and vibrant notes of Mirto di Panarea was really fascinating, Acqua di Parma expresses an intimacy and authentic elegance, and it is a faithful and refined presence that has always accompanied me,” continues Giada.

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