Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

While Earth Day is probably already on your radar, did you know that World Oceans Day falls on June 8th? As the world slowly becomes more environmentally conscious, industries are shifting their focus to sustainability- and luxury travel is no exception. Indulging in the exclusivities of a top notch resort may not immediately bring to mind ideas like recycling and coral reef health, but one Fijian icon is taking new steps to cement its commitment to the environment.

This year’s theme of United Nations World Oceans Day 2023 is Planet Ocean with the U.N. joining forces with decision makers, scientists, private sector executives, civil society representatives, indigenous communities, celebrities, and youth activists and more to put the ocean first. As the ongoing detrimental effects of climate change continue to impact the world, island nations such as Fiji (which is made up of 333 islands), are at even greater risk, encouraging travelers to play an active role in enacting positive change during their stay.

VOMO Island Resort, located on a 225-ace private island off of the main Fijian coastline, offers villas, new luxury beachfront residences and family retreats, starting at a little over $1,500 USD per night. The resort’s island location offers seclusion in a normally crowded tourist mecca without compromising access to Fiji’s natural beauty. Guests can reach VOMO by hopping on a 15-minute helicopter flight from the airport, or opting for a drive and then a short speedboat ride.

The resort offers an on-site spa and plenty of waterfront activities, including windsurfing, Hobie Сat sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Day trips that take you off the island can be arranged through the resort, as can romantic private dinners and picnics overlooking the ocean. Led by executive chef Iain Todd, The Reef and Rocks Restaurants are open daily and invite diners to sample a South Pacific palette. Packages offered by the resort include holiday family packages and Longer Luxe options based on the length and dates of your stay.

Over the past few years, VOMO Island Resort has taken multiple groundbreaking initiatives that have helped build its eco-friendly reputation. By targeting single-use plastic bottles and straws, the resort has been able to eliminate waste such as toiletry containers from its daily operations. This evolved into the construction of an on-site water bottling plant, which allows the resort to bottle its own water and reduce its reliance on importing plastic waste.

The island’s kitchens feature technology that is able to turn desalinated water into certified cleaning liquids, while a Biodigester machine makes liquid fertilizer out of the resort’s food waste. As a luxury resort in one of the world’s most unique ecosystems, marine conservation joins Fijian hospitality at the forefront of VOMO’s mission.

In response to that responsibility, the resort team just welcomed Laisena “Lai” Rokoua, a Fijian marine biologist, to join the staff and provide further guidance on how to best take care of the surrounding waters. As general manager Justin King states, Laisena’s role will be to educate guests, monitor house reefs and work on environmental improvements such as planting coral and maintaining fish houses. The island’s Сoral Reef Protection Program, which Lai has worked with extensively, is one of Fiji’s most successful coral health projects (Word Reef Awareness Day falls on June 1st!)

Lai will be supporting VOMO’s ongoing environmental initiatives that shepherd the continued preservation and safeguarding of Fiji’s delicate marine ecosystem for future generations to explore, protect, and enjoy for years to come. (A look into VOMO’s Earth Day efforts here.)

VOMO Island Fiji’s white sand beaches are a breeding destination for sea turtles, and the resort has also kickstarted a Turtle Conservation program to take care of baby turtles that wash up on its beaches. As a member of the Mamanuca Environment Society, VOMO Island Resort continues to uphold its values while continuing to introduce guests to this pristine, hidden corner of the world.

If you’ve been craving a luxury vacation, but can’t shake the feeling that travel shouldn’t be an exception to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, consider visiting VOMO Island Fiji. By supporting the resort, you are also supporting its growing positive impact on the environment around it. As the resort hosts guests from around the world, it also provides them with rare insight into environmental issues. Instead of being insulated in paradise, expect to truly begin to understand the significance of the haven around you- and the ways in which it needs to be preserved.

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