Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase destination wedding.

Travel is back with a vengeance right now, and destination weddings are no exception.

For the couples who are really looking to up the ante, bespoke luxury travel company Red Savannah just announced a new $250,000 wedding package in Antarctica that’s easily the coolest RSVP this year.

Invitation and event details are as follows:

Wedding parties of up to 12-guests are invited to fly out of Cape Town, South Africa and make 8.5 hour flight over the Southern Ocean landing on Wolf’s Fang runway in Antarctica where they’re cordially invited to celebrate with a “White Wedding in a White Desert” party upon arrival.

The icy fête will begin with a celebratory wedding breakfast on ice and go on to include a cake-cutting ceremony and champagne in the snow lounge.

Guests who opt to spend more than one day in the Arctic are invited to stay at Echo, a brand-new Polar camp comprised of six state-of-the-art pods with a futuristic floor-to-ceiling window design overlooking a vast expanse of snow and ice fields.

Each pod contains a central communal space and dining area where South African cuisine will be paired with award-winning wines. For couples who want to unwind after saying their “I-Dos,” the option to extend at Whichaway Camp that includes a wellness space and sauna pod on the shores of the freshwater lake of the Schirmacher Oasis is sure to be the perfect spot for a mini-moon.

While all of the activities throughout the experience can be customized, optional activities range from a visit to see a colony of 28,000 emperor penguin’s to ice and mountain climbing, Arctic safaris, Skidoo tours and a trip to the South Pole for a special champagne picnic.

Prices start at $250,000 and includes return flights and transfers from Cape Town to Antarctica, accommodations, food, beverages, and activities. Guests don’t have to worry about buying the couple a gift, as $1,000 per-person will be pledged for conservation and sustainability initiatives that go to Antarctica.

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