Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

London-based jewelry brand Rosa De La Cruz is known for combining fine materials with craftsmanship to offer a stylishly eclectic collection full of precious and semi-precious gemstones in chain, pendant, ring and bracelet form. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s a buyer’s favorite and is stocked in leading stores from MatchesFashion, Browns, and Bamford to Moda Operandi, Goop.com and The Webster.

Founders Rosa and Tierney share their top five gems for fall.

Our choice of stones reflects a reference to time. Looking back at beautifully crafted vintage jewelry—family heirlooms or pieces that simply inspire us; creating contemporary pieces that reflect and compliment today’s fashion, design, art, and designing jewelry that is timeless in its design and quality and collected over time across generations.

All our pieces share a common thread and vocabulary embedded in simplicity and often contrast- mixing precious stones like diamonds and 18k gold with traditionally more common materials such as wood and minerals including malachite, tiger eye, lapis.


Mainly sourced from Australia, our malachite discs have an intrinsic harmony and beauty in their natural pattern and deep green color. The simple 18k gold and faceted diamond frame create a contrast to the stone’s opacity. Worn on a short gold wire or on our classic long chain, this pendant constantly transforms and can be layered with other pendants to create another look.


We are definitely loving green for fall! Dating back to Roman and Egyptian seals, signets and jewelry, chrysoprase is both translucent, opaque, and magical, especially when set against electric pink sapphires in our Gem Ring.


Our pieces emphasize personal style that is unique to the individual wearer. Our crystal pendants are unique and individually crafted around the gemstone’s cut. Set with a contrasting row of delicate diamonds, each crystal, mainly sourced from Brazil, reflects nature’s eternal beauty and power and the role of chance and serendipity.

Brown (cognac) diamonds

Our Smile medallion features brown cognac diamonds that endow a darker aesthetic and meaning to the seemingly obvious nature of a smile. Our smile collection is a reminder to be happy but also a nod to “memento mori” and the ephemeral nature of life.


Classic and timeless, Pearls are surprisingly versatile and modern, with 2022 seeing celebrity men in pearls. Our Pearl eternity collection is a double play on the striking simplicity of the gemstone and the design of the setting- simple and elegant on its own or to be worn stacked for this year’s wrist look.

See the full Rosa De La Cruz collection on rosadelacruz.com.

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