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Andy Bisbal is one of Miami’s top menswear experts. He is not only the top producing style partners at Nieman Marcus at Bal Harbor Shops, but he is also a cultural concierge in Miami, a curator, event producer and luxury expert who has been working in the fashion business for over 15 years.

He is accustomed to styling celebrities, like Rick Ross, Dominican rapper El Alfa, soccer player Paul Pogba, and more. And later this month, he is hosting an upcoming event during Art Basel Miami Beach called “Mad Candy” with Rick Ross at Bal Harbour’s Nieman Marcus in Miami on November 29.

Bisbal speaks to Forbes about the evolution of personal style—which has expanded to include interior design and even pet image design—staying creative and working alongside celebrities.

Forbes: How did you get your start in the fashion business?

Andy Bisbal: I’m originally from Peru, but I grew up in Miami and have always had a knack for style. I’ve worked with Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton, in sales and for special VIP clients. My expertise is developing and nurturing strong relationships with national and international top leaders in the areas of entertainment, art, business, sports and finance, so counseling my clients on the visual projection of their personal brands and many times also their companies is my specialty.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping my clients develop their brands and businesses, always making art and fashion a focal point.

Who are some of your celebrity clienteles?

I help visionaries like as Rick Ross and [Sovereign Brands Wine & Spirits CEO] Brett Berish with their their consumers, who they consider family and friends. They’re always making sure that their audience is captivated by every angle of their wonderful products. Fashion and style is very important to them and their consumers, too.

What kind of style advice do you give celebs?

We all make an impression on others by what we project through our clothes and our personal style, so I always make sure that my clients shine and inspire everyone that’s around them. I’m based in men’s sportwear and clothing, but I’m also very successful with other outside projects, it’s always fun to take on challenges and get creative.

How do you bring out someone’s style, from their personality?

Style is very personal, I try to let the client feel what comes natural and work on how they want their mood to be for a particular day or event. It’s like sculpting or creating a collage, but in this case the end piece is a client’s visual presentation of themselves or their project.

What trends do you see coming out in menswear this fall and winter?

I’m truly appreciative of the new offerings in jackets and suits—there’s this new fresh approach to Men’s tailored clothing that’s more progressive and airier. My clients are very involved in every project we do, and their input is probably the most important part, so the end product is exactly as we had envisioned.

Why is being a personal stylist changing today?

Clients want to style every aspect of their lives. It’s not just about the clothes anymore. Now, there’s the homes, offices, vacations, business Instagram image, and now even have Instagram and image design for their pets, that they want to develop. It’s a lot more now, than in the past.

How is a stylist now more of a luxury concierge and culture curator?

My clients want to be at the forefront of the latest luxury offerings, so my job is to be informed of upcoming restaurant openings, art projects, unique fashion presentations and any edge-cutting cultural event.

Who was your mentor, and who do you look up to?

I’ve had mentors in my life that I learned a lot from but a particular one is Rick Ross, I’m still learning from him about business, growth and living in general, he’s an icon and always evolving in every aspect.

How does the cultural concierge side of your business work?

I use my social media platforms as a fun way to inform current and prospective clients of the newest, most luxurious, and coolest happenings in the area. I study the hottest places to go in South Florida and other national/international key-cities I travel to, then I partner up with the managers and we create a synergic relationship. It all becomes extremely valuable to our clients and their friends/associates, as they all love to travel and enjoy new lux, exotic locales.

Why did you want to do an event for Miami Art Week?

Working with clients in the art world has made me want to explore that space. I appreciate how good, interesting art is becoming more accessible to everyone, like concerts (performance art), public art and private businesses. A lot of creative types have a strong affinity to pop art, graffiti art and avant-garde design, and it’s part of a creative circle that’s centered around culture, beauty, fashion, and art. It’s not only part of someone’ style, but their homes, offices and on the more public spaces of their companies for their clients to enjoy.

What is the party you’re hosting?

It’s called Mad Candy and it’s on November 29 at Nieman Marcus Bal Harbour, on the third floor.

What is next for you?

I would love to create and develop some innovative products, then offer them all over the world. Stay tuned!

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