Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Beauty trends are constantly shifting, but these are the 7 ones poised to be everywhere in 2023:

1) White Eyeliner

Look alive and wide-eyed with the assistance of white eyeliner. This trend can go two ways: for those who prefer a natural, barely-there makeup look, use a white pencil to tightly line the corners and lower lash lines of your eyes, which will make your eyes appear bright and open. For those with an artistic hand, white liquid eyeliner is a cool way to create a graphic eyeliner look that will pop against your face.

2) Thin Eyebrows

I know we all made a silent promise after the 90s and early 2000s that we would never tweeze our eyebrows again, but some brave beauty souls are attempting the thin eyebrow look once more. The good thing is that this time around we have TikTok filters to help us assess if these thin brows will look good before we start plucking away, and brow technicians can help us achieve that perfect 90s style. These brows won’t be for everyone, but there is no denying that certain face shapes can rock this look like no other.

3) Pin Straight Bob

Hailey Bieber debuted her new short, even bob and people are already heading to their hairstylists with her video in tow as inspiration. This is a hairstyle that was actually made for thinner, straight hair like Hailey’s, as the even-across cut keeps the hair from looking thinner and the straight hair looks sleek and simple.

4) Velvet Nails

In what feels like the natural evolution of “glazed donut nails”—and a grown-up version of the joy of applying crackle nail polish—velvet nails are the next nail trend to take off. You can get the look with the help of magnetic nail polish and a magnetic wand, using the wand to activate and direct the polish and achieve that velvety look.

5) Magenta Lips

I have already spoken to the Pantone Color of the Year’s prominence in fashion, but I have a feeling we are going to see this color everywhere in makeup looks as well. From an ultra-rosy blush to a pop of magenta on the lips, or even magenta eyelashes or eyebrows for those who truly want to get experimental, try out this color for an eye-catching look.

6) Barely There Coverage

With the advancements in skincare and increased emphasis on skincare routines as the first steps to any successful makeup routine, you may just be sporting your best skin ever. With that, why not embrace a lighter face routine and switch out your usual foundation for a barely-there skin tint or tinted moisturizer. This is great for an everyday routine when you want that even, glowy look without fully blocking your pores and negating all that hard skincare work.

7) Multi-Functional Products

Say no to hyper-specific gimmicky products and embrace the multi-functional product that can do multiple jobs in one. This can include using a pink or red tinted product as blush, lipstick, and even eyeliner, as well as reimagining how you can use specific products in new ways (for example, I just saw a girl on TikTok try out liquid color correctors as eyeshadow pigments). This will help you make the most of the products you already do have in your beauty arsenal, save money, and consume less—all positives!

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