Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Back-to-school trends are interesting to watch. Whether you’re headed back to school, helping a student shop, or simply like to follow what gen Z is wearing, back-to-school trends are a combination of current streetwear styles and whatever is going viral on social media with the school-age generation — and, often the line between the two is hard to discern. Trends always draw from a combination of popular culture and high fashion. Accordingly, this year’s back-to-school trends aren’t just for teens and college students, they transcend to streetwear in any age segment and are worth watching for style inspiration. From platform sneakers to slip dresses and coastal grandmother looks, many of the same gen Z trends that have been hot in 2022 are expected to extend into the new school year. Here are the back-to-school trends to try at any age.

Try Slip Dresses, Tie Dye, And Futuristic Sunglasses

The early 2000s have been back for awhile now, but don’t expect them to disappear for the new school year. While slip dresses can be tricky to style for school, they wear well under a oversized cardigan, which is also in for 2022. Look for tie dye on everything from clothes to backpacks and pick up some futuristic sunglasses to complete the look.

Pair Platform White Sneakers With Everything

Platform white sneakers are perfect for back to school because they’re functional and can be worn with anything. From dresses to pant suits to mini skirts, nothing is off limits with a pair of platform white sneakers.

Put A Youthful Spin On The Coastal Grandmother Trend

A coastal grandmother aesthetic might not sound like something you’d expect teens and college students to embrace, but done right, they’re on board. Think high quality knits worn in oversized sizes, loose linens, button downs and a minimalist, preppy look. The key to embracing the trend as youthful and back-to-school friendly is going oversized to make a statement.

Uggs And The Early 2000s Are Back

Slip dresses aren’t the only looks reappearing from the early 2000s. Uggs are also back on the scene and are perfect for back-to-school because they’re so cozy. And, just like platform sneakers, they can be worn with just about anything, which is also a win.

Pull Out The Bike Shorts

Expect to see a lot of bike shorts around campus this fall. They’re comfy and can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with an oversized sweatshirt. They’re also versatile enough to wear to the gym after school.

Go Oversized With Sweatshirts And Keep The Athleisure In Rotation

Oversized seems to be another theme of back-to-school in 2022. From sweatshirts to jackets, loose looks are on-trend. And, athleisure is still fair game, so keep out the joggers, yoga pants, and sneakers.

Stock Up On Cropped Sweatshirts

In addition to oversized sweatshirts, cropped versions are also trendy. While Jennifer Lopez went super cropped and bared her midriff for this look, many of the styles available aren’t as high cropped and can be worn over a tank top for a more school-friendly look.

Don’t Put Away The Wide Leg Pants

Skinny jeans are still out. Instead, pants are wide legged and oversized for a gender neutral, comfortable aesthetic. Waist lines vary, however, with boyfriend jeans with the lower waists and mom jeans with the high waists both acceptable styles for back-to-school 2022.

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